I and Bugoy do a 2 day apple juice fast then liver flush

I joined Bugoy and did a 2 day apple juice fast Thursday and Friday. Then on Friday evening drank extra virgin olive oil plus grapefruit. In the morning we ate a vegetable and fruit breakfast then drank Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for our colon cleanse.

We try a different tactic and go back to the 2 day apple juice fast. This is the one with 16 oz of apple juice every 2 hours for 2 days.

On Friday evening we got ourselves some 3/4 cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice added to 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil. Mixed the potion well. And easily drank the mix. Grapefruit is so much smoother going down than lemons.

I followed Robert Connolly’s Psoriases is Curable book and massaged my liver that night for 20 seconds. Also massaged my inner knees for 20 seconds each. These are the acupressure points that stimulate the liver.

In the morning we ate some fresh fruits then vegetables. And 1 hour later drank 1/3 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for our colon cleanse.

Again to summarize what we did:
(1) apple juice fast
(2) liver / gallbladder flush
(3) liver acupressure massage
(4) colon cleanse

The results I got were yes, still green stones. But there was the stink. That stink of something old and rotten from deep inside my liver. I’m glad I got some of it out. I don’t get that stink with a regular epsom salt liver flush. Plus I don’t like epsom salts anyway.

Bugoy didn’t get any stones. His was dissolved green and black liquid. And yes there was the stink too. I didn’t smell it. He just told me.

Bugoy felt really bad again. As if he was being poisoned in the morning. Maybe his liver is holding that much toxicity. I suspect it could be the mercury, the lead, the tire chemicals, the 8 years of petroleum jelly. But after he has dumped his poop, the bad feeling goes away. We therefore conclude that indeed the liver is holding a lot of poisons and this flushing is helpful.

Maybe a few more liver flushes for Bugoy?

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