Witnessing Bugoy’s Ordeal with topical parasite cleansing plus Spirulina supplements

I witnessed first hand the torture Bugoy endures in hopefully rejuvenating his thickened petroleum jelly damaged skin.

Bugoy’s back 2007-10-29

We were at Doc Gerry’s clinic at www.gcuhealingarts.com . I was there to have a sprain checked. Bugoy was there for his Monday – Tuesday treatment.

This part of Bugoy’s healing program is the topical parasite “bacteria” elimination strategy. We theorize that Bugoy’s problem needs fixing in both internal and external fronts. Doc Gerry Francisco is in charge of the external front, Bugoy’s thick, petroleum jelly damaged skin. 8 full years of petroleum jelly 24 hours a day everyday. This resulted in thickened skin, damaged temperature feeling, damaged sweat glands – lymphatic system malfunctioning.

Doc Gerry theorizes that “bacteria” or parasites have taken up house in Bugoy’s damaged, thickened skin. His method is to strategically and methodically douse Bugoy’s body with his custom made calamansi based concoction to eliminate the parasites. He says those dark rough skin in Bugoy’s lower back are “eggs”.

We’ve been doing this for more than a month already. I think there are advances, but this external treatment won’t stand alone. The body must be strengthened enough to heal itself from the inside as well. I asked Doc Gerry what he can do for this. Doc Gerry recommended 40 capsules of Spirulina per day. So we added this to Bugoy’s protocol as well.

How much pain was being delivered? Too much. We’re talking kicking and screaming pain as the concoction was being poured on Bugoy’s naked body. But Bugoy observes that this topical treatment is helping so he continues. We will see his progress.

At home Bugoy still does his daily steam baths, his bath with tawas / alum and rock salt. Keeps him free of the “bacteria”.

My personal theory is that the biggest factor is poor wound healing. Yes lymph, yes not enough sun, not enough clean air, damaged liver, but worst of all now is mercury poisoning through his dental amalgams.

Bugoy’s hand 2007-10-28

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