Biodentist removes 2 amalgams causes expected itching reactions

Bugoy went to Doc Gaba the biological dentist yesterday Wednesday to have 2 amalgams / mercury based tooth fillings removed and replaced. Today he reports to me that he feels itchy all over. A sure reaction from the mercury that escaped the vacuum assisted procedure.
No temporary fillings. Permanent replacement fillings immediately. No bio-compatibility tests done.

Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea: A Herbal Colon Cleanse like LBB

Last night I told him to take Doctor Tam’s miracle tea for sure bowel movement. But he didn’t take it. Tsk tsk. I run for an errand in the evening and he conveniently forgets. This is why he’s itching.

So this afternoon around 4 pm on an empty stomach I have him take 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal in a small glass of water. After 30 minutes have him take Doctor Tam’s Miracle tea for his colon cleanse. Hopefully the charcoal adsorbs his mercury and the colon cleanse poops it out of his system quickly.

avocado leaves tea ready to drink

After dinner I told him to make himself some kidney cleansing avocado leaves tea and drink it all before going to bed.

I do hope he does it. To be sure, I’ll call him on his cell phone.

So, we have positively identified amalgams as a root cause of his health problems. 2 quarters done. 2 more quarters to go. We count in quarters. There are 4 more mercury filled teeth, 2 teeth per quarter. So 2 more quarters to go. Will see he recovers first, then schedule him for the next quarter.

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