The patience to learn about your eczema cure / psoriasis cure

For a few days now I had been badgering Bugoy to learn and do the orange juice fast. He just got well from a terrible crisis but his psoriasis / eczema remains. He again proceeds to abuse himself by accepting a job offer in the heart of the big business city to relocate apartments in 2 weeks! And I thought we had 2 more months of concentrated healing to do.

Yesterday Saturday I called him up to tell him this was the day he should start the orange juice fast. He said he and his girlfriend were driving out to the beach for an overnight and that he was coming up to my house to get a copy of the orange juice fast on his USB flash stick.

I told him to spend some time with me now that he was here so I can relay to him what I know. So I can point out the information sources so that he can decide for himself what to do. I pointed out the orange juice fast information sources of MH’s website and after the first 2 discussions he says he has to go and that he has no time for this.

This was when I got up and berated him. I was fuming mad. I’m here explaining my heart out, experimenting and researching for him and he has no time? Well I told him right off and said what if I had no time for you!??? Huh?

That made him listen. He promised to begin an orange juice fast as soon as he gets back from the beach. We will see.

Which brings me to the topic of patience. You must have the patience to read and learn about your own cure. You cannot depend on anyone to do this for you. You just can’t go follow some of those cure protocols blindly! No sir. The cure protocols are guides. You decide eventually what you understand and what you can do and adjust to your specific situation. Your disease is personal, your cure must be custom built for you, by you.

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