Bugoy 1st day at job, orange juice fast sabotaged

Bugoy’s first day on his new job sabotaged his orange juice fast. Eating is more a social thing. A new job means you have to fit in and have a meal with the new boss, new officemates. He ate cooked food! Grilled fish plus rice! Bad food combining!

Yes, another unfortunate un-healing day for Bugoy. I met him last night as he dropped in to drink a dose of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for his colon cleanse.

I told Bugoy to just stop with the orange juice fast and just do 1 meal a day with raw food fruits or vegetables mono diet style.

Bugoy says he feels a sense of well being doing the orange juice fast. He doesn’t want to give up now. But what about that lunch he just had yesterday? That was pure disaster.

I don’t know what he will decide on. I need to talk to him some more.

This is exactly as I predicted. This is why I was against him getting a new job while we were still in the process of healing.

Does making money necessarily have to injurious to one’s health? I sure hope Bugoy can think of a way to fit in a mono raw diet in his new job.

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