Bugoy at new work, needs new strategy

Bugoy reported to me today that last yesterday Friday his diet was again sabotaged by eating a lunch with his new officemates. That meant cooked restaurant food. This is terrible. How can he go about his healing business?

Bugoy says he read the articles on www.rawschool.com that I sent him. Maybe he learned something. The toxemia he is suffering from today is caused by cooked food. I hope he has realized this.

I told him that his fasting is over. Just accept it. The new strategy should be to follow Barefoot Herbalist’s Book I authored by Dr. William Hay. That is, good food combination… hopefully raw… or hopefully a mono diet. Eat only once per day, 4 hours to digest, and the rest of 18 hours of fasting.

I will be doing this after I finish my 14 day orange juice fast tomorrow Sunday. Hopefully I inspire Bugoy this way.

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