RawFoodExplained.com must be added to your eczema cure protocol

After rawschool.com, a more in depth study of raw food and “natural hygiene” is a must read to be applied to your everyday life. This is how deep the rabbit hole goes. Cooking food is the problem and has been so for the last few thousands of years.

Cooked food is the root cause of toxemia. If you read my press release when I launched this website at Press Release: Eczema Cured by Addressing Toxemia, eczemas are usually cured by doing the detoxes: colon, kidney, liver cleanses, etc. But if you keep on polluting yourself, then your eczema won’t stop.

But causes the toxemia? There are the obvious ones like external pollution, junk food, chemicals. But who ever thinks that “good food” is the problem?

A cooked vegan diet will not save you from premature aging and disease. Anything cooked is a source of toxins. Raw fruits and raw vegetables are true human food, as nature intended.

Continue the offensive. Stop toxemia at the source. Aim higher. Go raw. I’m doing it. I already felt the power of raw food during the 1 month I tried it. Now I’m convinced I not only have to do raw for 1 month, not just 50% raw, but 100% raw. I total change in lifestyle for years on.

This is where my research leads me, so this is where I go from now on.

I invite you all to visit, bookmark, and learn from www.rawfoodexplained.com

About Raw Food Explained

The materials on this website are based on the Philosophy, Principles and Practices of Natural Hygiene and were originally published as a course consisting of 106 lessons called The Life Science Health System by T.C. Fry.

The Life Science Health System is vast compilation of knowledge by various authors and was intended to prepare the student for a career as a Natural Hygiene Health Consultant.

If you want to buy the printed version of the Life Science Health System, you can do so at http://www.rawschool.com/course.htm

A revised and edited version, including testing and certification, called “Essential Natural Hygiene Course” with 44 Lessons of the Life Science Health System is available at the Transformation Institute.

For the principal Discussion Forum on Natural Hygiene on the Internet, go to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Rawschool/

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