Bugoy is sick again, for the nth time

Bugoy is tired, cold, and riddled with new pimples on both his left and right arms. He says he is constipated and passed by around 10:30 pm to drink 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea because he doesn’t have a refrigerator yet in his new apartment.

Bugoy began his new job November 21. Immediately for two straight days he ate cooked food in bad combination, meat and rice.

Bugoy says he started feeling bad when he slept at his dusty old infected apartment Saturday. Then he and the movers transferred his stuff to his new apartment yesterday Sunday.

Bugoy was terribly cold. He won’t admit it. He was wearing 2 t-shirts, 1 long sleeves and 1 jacket.

When he arrived this evening at 10:30 pm he was in bad shape… panting, tired. He says he was late because he fell asleep in his car in the parking lot due to fatigue. I asked to inspect his arms. The “pimples” are not minor irritations, they look like another attack.

I told him getting this new job was too soon and a bad idea.

I told him that he was killing himself with all this new stress and fatigue. That he should REST. He promised not to go to work tomorrow.

Now I’m afraid. Very afraid. This boy does not know when to rest. Somebody talk some sense into him!


(27 Nov 2007) Update: I visited Bugoy in his new apartment. He was in bad shape. Rashes of toxin release type all over his left and right arms, his nape, his neck. And his pulse rate? 100 beats per minute. Bad shape. Again. At least his new apartment has fresh air. And he is now on an all raw diet with orange juice and coconut juice. He will be bed ridden today Tuesday, tomorrow Wednesday.

In our language this is called “binat”. He wasn’t fully well from his September tragedy. i told him to rest until the end of the year. But did he listen? Noooo…

My sincere hope is this current attack forces him to bed for a month.

This sick man needs rest, rest, rest and more rest.

(28 Nov 2007) Update: I was calling Bugoy this morning but he wouldn’t answer his cell phone. So I called his maid’s cell phone. The sick has disobeyed me again and went to work. By lunch he was so fatigued he stopped by our grandma’s house to take a nap. I asked for a pulse rate at around 11 am and he said it was 90 bpm. What’s normal? I took my pulse rate and it was 65 bpm.

Bugoy went home around 5:30pm. I dropped in on his new apartment by 7:30 pm. Dropped off some fruits: a guyabano, some chicos, some dalandan, and a pineapple. Bugoy has another full blown attack, healing crises, what have you. Ugly excretions all over his arms, front body and side body, and face. Seems like a repeat performance. “Binat” it is… translation… The sick fatigued himself so this is his reward, a relapse of his disease in September. I told him to rest, but he never really did. I told him to get complete bed rest vacation for 3 months, but he never did. I told him to stay home today but he did not. He disobeyed because he made a commitment to submit something in his office today. This is his reward.

The solution is really simple. Rest. No work. Only rest. 3 months is all I’m asking. Bugoy never gave himself the chance to do so. If I could put a leash on him, I would.

What is Bugoy doing now to help himself? All raw diet. Fruitarian. Must take coconut juice regularly, every 2 hours, so he does not become dehydrated. Must sleep. Takes steam baths twice a day. Must get sunlight. Must get fresh air. Did I tell you he stinks again? Oh yeah, we had a fight over me berating him not to use that stupid papaya based lotion to moisturize his skin. He’s steam bathing already, he doesn’t need more pollutants. His body is already sick from daily lotion applications for more than a decade! He promised not to put anymore. Ha! This I have to see.

Bugoy will be absent for work tomorrow Thursday. He has no choice. He looks like a freak show, he’s cold, he’s tired, he’s weak. Friday is the beginning of a 3 day holiday. So Bugoy gets 4 days of rest. I do hope he gives himself a rest.

I will be out of town beginning tomorrow Thursday and I will be back Tuesday.

I texted Bugoy a very direct message:

“I recommend you take total bed rest for 3 months. No work. No consultancy. No exam studying. The alternative is DEATH. Choose life. Please.”

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