My 1 month fruitarian experience: Barefoot was right!

A few months ago I tried a 90% raw primarily of vegetables mixed to make palatable, so I have something to compare with. I felt great with that diet.

Before being fruitarian I’ve been vegan. Some cooked, some raw, some fruits.

I’m now into 1 month of fruitarianism which includes 14 days of orange juice and coconut juice fasting / feasting.

drinking fresh coconut juice for breakfast

I became slim, I feel strong and I feel great!

Some improvements:

– facial complexion
– radiating health
– strong, fast running

Red Karaw Bananas from Palawan

Barefoot was right about the non-need for drinking water. Being fruitarian I’m disgusted at the taste of our reverse osmosis water. Actually, I don’t need to drink water. And I have not drunk pure water for some 2 weeks now. Why? I’m not thirsty. I’d rather open up a dalanghita / green citrus or drink fresh coconut juice (which my whole family drinks first thing in the morning). I run and run at the beach under th sun with my kids and I don’t find myself tiring or wanting to drink water.

I think fruitarianism is the ultimate yuppie lifestyle. Always on the go. Not dependent on your cook or restaurants or lousy snacks. The other day I recorded that in the morning I drank coconut juice, for lunch I had 2 bananas, and for dinner I had 2 large chicos. All fits in my shoulder bag.

I’m free from cooking, stove, lpg, pots and pans, etc. Freedom! Freedom to go anywhere anytime without worrying where to get my next meal.

Of course this is only my 1st month. I have yet to learn more. So far, I’m liking fruitarianism better than raw vegetarianism. Fruits taste sooo much better.

Humans are indeed frugivors. And I thought fruitarians were nuts. Nope. Fruitarians are so right!


  1. Hi, i have eczema too and i healed myself a few years ago using the raw food diet, but unfortunately stupidly went back to cooked vegan diet after that. not surprisingly my eczema came back full force + acne problems. I’m trying to go on a raw food diet again now. I’m learning so much from your website and i’m so inspired to do this fruitarian thing thanks to your blogs!!! keep writing!

  2. Just reminding people that I am not recommending a fruitarian diet for the rest of your lives. This fruitarianism should be temporary just for cleansing.

    What I recommend these days is a raw paleo diet… a variant that works for you… See

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