Bugoy went back to work again… and I wanted him to rest

Bugoy went back to work again. Ready and raring to abuse himself silly… again. I know he *thinks* he is fine. I beg to differ. I want him to rest. But he does not.

Again I’m trying to convince him 100% raw. If he gets hungry, half steamed veggies will do it. No meat, no fish, no animal. Again, please I told him to get rid of the dog IN his house. Sick people don’t need animals in their house. That adds to the parasite load assaulting their bodies.

Bugoy caves in to peer pressure from “other” less intelligent people who know nothing.

Hey, who has been correct and healing all this time huh? Me! That’s who.

So another healing crisis has passed, Bugoy has expelled a lot of old toxins and reactived more pores around his body.


#1 No more cold feeling. Amazing. Bugoy no longer feels cold.
#2 Reduced dry feeling. Bugoy can survive on virgin coconut oil. The papaya lotion with those unspeakable ingredients are out the door.

The strategy?

100% raw food. Fruitarian by description. Maybe 75% fruit, then vegetables, then some raw seeds. Eat when hungry. Exercise. Sunlight. Fresh air. Rest.

Expect more healing crisis episodes.

I wonder if he bothers to read the website links I email him.

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