Healing Psoriasis the Natural Alternative by Dr. John Pagano

A post office pick up notice arrived last week. Was I getting a gift? I don’t remembering order anything. I came to the post office expecting a gift. I was surprised when a book from Amazon came. I had forgotten I had ordered Dr. John Pagano’s Healing Psoriasis book. Ah, a Christmas gift for myself and for my website readers. Also for Bugoy.

The book is impressively thick and drums up achievements as “Voted best book of the year” in health by the North American Bookdealers Exchange. And an Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com best seller. Also includes A Special Chapter on ECZEMA.

Personally I think Eczema and Psoriasis are the same. Psoriasis is usually the terminology used when the symptoms seem worse, when more skin is affected. When you do look into the table of differences between Eczema and Psoriasis, Pagano says there hardly is any difference. He mentions some adjustments in the spine for eczema and some for psoriasis. Well if you are going to your chiropractor, just have them ALL checked and adjusted for both eczema and psoriasis.

First printing was done in 1991. Pre-internet times. Home grown. Experienced with many clients even before the book was printed. Of course Dr. Pagano stresses that this is all a matter of toxemia and stresses Leaky Gut on chapter 1. Pagano recommends Internal Cleansing, Diet & Nutrition, External Applications, and Positive Attitudes.

He talks about his success stories and some failures.

Pretty good stuff. Absolute beginner stuff. A good reference to keep in your house to keep your pesky inconsiderate cooks from cooking you stuff you are not supposed to be consuming. A heavy enough book to slap on your inconsiderate spouse or inconsiderate children, or inconsiderate parents, or whoever is inconsiderate with your disease.

I say absolute beginner stuff because you have to lay it in slowly for most people. Or else you turn them off, or else they think it’s too hard, or else they don’t come back and Dr. John Pagano loses a paying customer. A hobby healer like me with a website like EczemaCure.info can be rough hard and more direct to the point. I can make hard hitting recommendations and I absolutely don’t care if I turn you off. I know I’m right and I know it works and it is your job as the eczema / psoriasis afflicted person to JUST DO IT. For your own sake.

For example Dr. John Pagano laboriously and delicately balances the politics of studies, the food industry and common perceptions. About vegetables to avoid, basically nightshades and tomatoes, about recommending an all fruit week, warning about shellfish and meat from beef and pork.

What would I recommend? Go all the way! Go 100% RAW FOOD! Orange Juice Fasting! Mostly Raw Fruitarian, zero cooked vegetables, zero grains, some Raw Animals (organic eggs, raw fish, raw meat). Mono meals. Zero breakfast. Fruitarians drink zero water and get all the water they need from their food. Drink home made distilled water in transition. No make up, no perfumes, no alcohol, no shampoo, no soap, no fabric softener in your wash, walk barefoot, get a lot of sunlight, live where the air is fresh and clean, sleep before 10pm, get rid of house pets, clean up your dentals, do all your detoxes, stop watching TV and read, read, read a plethora of books I will dump on you.

I know. I’m too hard.

So I recommend you begin with Pagano first and maintain a semblance of a social life with the rest of diseased society. When you have made the Pagano adjustments, come back to EczemaCure.info and learn to do the advanced stuff, the politically and socially incorrect stuff. But they work, especially for the “hard cases”. And to finish off what you started. Hey, there is more to life than just overcoming your psoriasis or eczema symptoms. A lot more.

Buy Dr. Pagano’s book Healing Psoriasis at http://www.psoriasis-healing.com/

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