My Christmas Gift: Health and Survival in the 21st Century by Ross Horne

This was the best overall introduction to true health book I came across this 2007. I gave away printed copies of this book (it’s out of print).
Health and Survival in the 21st Century by Ross Horne is available online at

I merely copy and pasted the contents to a word processor because Soil and Health does not provide a PDF.

Here is my message I included in page 6.

by hobby healer Edwin Casimero

Dear friends and relatives, this book is no longer in print and is made available to the public domain.

Though this was written way back in 1997, it is still very relevant today as I write this.
My purpose in gifting you this book is to save you and your families from the clear and present danger of the epidemic of ridiculously labeled incureable diseases. Diseases incureable only through the eyes of the ignorant or mis-educated. The truth is self-evident. People get well.

My wife and I helped cure ourselves of secondary infertility. I cured myself of a terrible eczema which was engulfing my body in 2005. I cured my own children of skin asthma, allergies, constipation and eczema. I’ve helped people cure themselves of cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, eczema, psoriasis, dengue fever, strokes, heart attacks, asthma, pneumonia, yeast infections, etc.

There is nothing remarkable about these achievements. You can do this yourselves. All it takes is learning the TRUE principles of human health. Learning the TRUTH about the causes of diseases. And learning the techniques to removing the causes of disease.

I make websites that teach people how:,,, and future websites still in the making:,,, and My main source of income is a website developer. This is why I can make as many websites as I see fit.

This book cannot possibly contain everything under the sun. That is why I continue with my hobby. It is such a thrill to open up minds and save people from the ignorance imposed by the current medical monopoly and mainstream media (movies, television, magazines and newspapers).

Truth in health is often not profitable. In the short time that I have been helping people, the most I get are thank you emails and thank you calls from around the world. Though there is a donation section on my websites, only 1 person has ever donated money. I do have google advertising on my websites, at least those ads bring in enough money just to sustain the website expenses.

I’ve done really powerful and effective detoxing methods for the colon, kidney, liver, intestines, stomach, lungs, skin. I am experienced with several types of fasts and know how to use them.

My current research and self experimenting is on the subject of what is the recommended food for human beings. So far I have self experimented with the SAD (standard american diet), Atkins diet, cooked vegetarian diet, cooked vegan diet, 100% raw vegan diet, 100% raw fruitarian diet and today I am convinced that people do best on a raw foods diet consisting of raw fruits and fresh raw animal meat such as sashimi and raw eggs. Cooked animals, grains, beans and vegetables, the mainstays of agriculture are not recommended as these need cooking to be edible; these may feed armies, the masses, and brought on civilization, but at the expense of health, diseased living and short lives.

Human potential is 120 to 150 healthy.

In a nutshell: Cooking is the CULPRIT! True human food tastes great in its natural, raw form.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 2007

Health and Survival in the 21st Century by Ross Horne is available online at

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