Raw Christmas Dinner in the Philippines

Our extended family is getting into this healthy thing. We had a raw noche buena / Christmas dinner.
We had raw salmon, raw cucumber grated to look like spaghetti, raw mangoes, raw avocado and raw lettuce. It was the healthiest Christmas dinner we have ever had.

It’s a shame my camera is undergoing repairs. But I’ll do my best to describe this dinner.

It was a roll your own sushi or just have sashimi night. There was nori / sea weed wrap and sticky purple rice for those who wanted the sushi experience.

Other than the nori and the rice, everything else was raw.

It was great. People had a nice time. The salmon we bought at Farmers’ market was the best. P 380 / kilo for the whole fish. Nothing was left!

After dinner, those who still wanted to pig out had a plethora of fruits to choose from.

And for those who feel they pigged out too much, my mother in law led the way and drank 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea to cleanse her colon for the next morning.

Tomorrow we are off to Laguna for an even bigger more extended family reunion. But I’m willing to bet majority of the food there will be cooked. Maybe our family will bring raw food, maybe uncle Boyet who I helped with his kidney cancer will bring raw food too. I’ll be gifting people with Ross Horne’s “Health and Survival in the 21st Century”. Maybe Christmas 2008 will bring in even more raw food.

Here’s to your health! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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