Bugoy will be following WaiSays.com of Acne Cure fame raw diet

I called Bugoy this evening. He is almost there. I can feel it. Just a little more and Bugoy will be on the straight and narrow road to wellness.
I asked him if he was reading my Christmas gift “Health and Survival into the 21st Century” by Ross Horne. He says he is in the middle of it.

I asked him how his raw food fruitarian diet was. He says he has been eating some cooked food. Basically because he’s hungry. I already told him to eat raw salmon sashimi, raw tuna sashimi, raw organic eggs… but he has not for logistical reasons.

I reminded him where to get cheap, fresh, never frozen fish at Farmer’s market. Always available, at 1/6 th of the price in the restaurant and fresher and cheaper than the Japanese grocery he buys from.

I told him where to get the raw organic eggs… at Tiendesitas ( P 10/egg organic ) and at OPTA (P 15 / egg organic fertilized )

I told him to skip the first book and move on to the 2nd book I gave him. The author Wai of the Free Acne Cure Book fame. She has the correct information I have personally tried on myself. And whatever works for me, works for Bugoy.

That Bugoy’s hunger cravings currently satisfied by trashy cooked food can and should be overcome by eating raw fats. Bugoy knows that eating raw fatty fish satisfies his hunger for a long time. So I gave him a list of raw fatty foods: raw salmon, raw tuna, raw coconut meat, raw pili nuts, raw organic eggs, raw avocados. That is a lot to choose from. He only needs 10% on his diet. Maybe more while he is in the process of healing and has a raw fat deficit.

By adding raw fat to his diet, Bugoy can go 100% raw and avoid drinking plain old water as well which he needs to drink because cooked food is dehydrated. He will get pure structured water from the fruits he eats. The fruits give fast burning energy. The fats give slow burning energy. The raw eggs and the raw fish completes all his human requirements to heal.

I just hope Bugoy does this. I am on his back because I know this is the last step. No more dry skin, no more moisturizer, 100% raw food, geometric healing at his age (27).

Bugoy is off to the provinces again for the new year vacation. And in that province they have TONS of the best Pili Nuts in the world. Pili nuts are the Philippine equivalent to the Brazil Nut. I hope Bugoy remembers to bring back with him some 5 kilos of raw Pili nuts for his loving older brother, me.

Bugoy complains I’m in better condition that is why I’ve continued going raw 100%. No, I corrected him. That’s not it. I’ve just read far ahead of him. The more you know, the more you want to go raw. The more you eat raw, the better you feel. The raw lifestyle is the best choice I have ever made. No way will I want to give this up. Basically fruitarian, mono meals, some raw eggs, some raw fish, some raw nuts and that’s it. Very simple, very easy, very tasty.

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