January 2008 Eczema / Psoriasis Cure Protocol Highlights Raw Food Section

My new Eczema and Psoriasis cure protocol for January 2008 is out and this time I highlight the requirement for raw food as your staple diet. If you want to be cured forever, you have to go raw, only true human food will do.
I observe that a raw food, basically fruitarian diet is 80% of the cure. And I pound on it this time.

This new cure protocol is split in 2 parts.

Part One is the Simple Cure using raw foods diet alone. This is for the sick and feeble minded. Many afflicted people will only be able to read and understand this small section. I made it this way thinking that the sick are usually mentally challenged, I knew I was back then. But pushing raw fruitarian diet immediately, I hope to upgrade their intelligence immediately, within 1 month. Then they will be interested to read the full cure protocol and the books required for reading.

Part Two, the full eczema / psoriasis cure protocol improves immensely from its predecessors. I have changed the books required for reading. I included only 3 books required for reading and these books are ALL FREE to read right now, online, every time. You can download and view on your computer or print and bind into a book for those who may find it more convenient to read in book form.

This cure protocol is actually an all encompassing Cure for ALL Diseases approach. There are just a few minor adjustments I did to specifically address eczema and psoriasis. Namely the mentioning of avoiding nightshades and recommending the psoriasis cure books of Connolly and Pagano.

This time I am decorating this cure protocol with photos. This will make it more appealing. I hope you enjoy reading my newest cure protocol for January 2008. Write me about how to improve this cure protocol.

Good skill, be well, and may we all live long happy lives.

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