Raw Food makes most supplements and vitamins obsolete

This opinion piece will not make vitamin and supplement manufacturers happy. I have come to the conclusion that raw foods make most vitamins and supplements obsolete.
I received some emails asking me how this vitamin or that supplement experiment resulted. My experience and Bugoy’s experience is that raw foods by a wide and far margin OUTPERFORMS most if not ALL vitamins and supplements in the market.

Maybe it is because most vitamins and supplements are in their mineral form, rock form. Our bodies can’t assimilate them. Ah, but in raw food form, even in small quantities, they perform magnificently!

Let’s take tha 60 day leaky gut supplement regiment. That is 60 days on “regular” cooked, toxin laden, SAD, standard american diet + supplements. First off, you stick to the toxic cooked food, the wrong way of living. Then you add rocks to your gut. No matter how scientifically formulated they think they’ve made their supplement. They don’t hold a candle to the way NATURE makes REAL RAW HUMAN FOOD.

Natural, real raw human food is the highest of all technologies. It is human compatible. A virgin coconut oil detox with VCO and freshly squeezed lemons fast will address leaky gut, toxemia, candida, and sweet cravings in just 2 days. A 3 day, 7 day, 14 day orange juice fast will address leaky gut, toxemia and cure cooked food addiction.

Feeling cold? You think mega doses of Omega 3 supplements will help you? A diet of raw fruits and add 2 meals a week of fatty fish like raw salmon or tuna sashimi and raw egg yolks added will cure cold feelings immediately. And it’s cheap too.

Vitamin C and multi-vitamin mega doses? A variety of fresh raw fruits as 75% of your diet will give you more than those acidic vitamins. And not just vitamin C. I’m talking all the vitamins in their list, even the ones they haven’t documented yet. I’m talking not getting a cold, not getting a cough, not getting sick for 1 day whole on a raw fruitarian diet.

Natural RAW FRUITARIAN diet should always be your FIRST CHOICE, your first step on the road to wellness and a PERMANENT CURE. I’ve had it with complicated piece meal, knit picking treatments that maintain COOKED FOOD as your staple diet.

Stop fooling yourself thinking you can be cured forever while sticking to cooked food everyday. You may have some symptom relief for a while after detoxing, but your toxemia will surely progress and you will degenerate and get sick again after some time.

Switching to real human food, which is basically raw fruitarian will not only make you symptom free “cured”, it will increase your TOTAL HEALTH by leaps and bounds. Very simple, very effective.

Now that I’m living on raw food, what vitamins and supplements do I take today? NONE!

The only question remains is how to make the switch from standard civilized cooked eating to consistently raw fruitarian living. That will be the subject of future articles.

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