Self Development guru Steve Pavlina is into Raw Food

Okay, I admit, I’m no professional writer. So let’s hear it from a professional writer, the man himself, Mr. Steve Pavlina who is also getting into raw foods himself.

In the article I will introduce to you, Mr. Pavlina will do another 30 day raw diet beginning this 2008. Mr. Pavlina will also be blogging about his experience everyday. I’ve seen the photos. He’s into playing with your food and making it look pretty. Hey, being a professional blogger, he has to make his photos look interesting.

Mine by comparison would be pretty boring as my wife says. For example this morning I had a coconut which I opened myself, then a few green citrus to hydrate myself before doing my sprints. After sprinting, at lunch I ate the left over coconut juice and meat the kids had. Then I ate some left over raw salmon. Then a snack of some 15 raw pili nuts I opened myself. Just now I had a mango while accompanying my little girl who just woke up from her nap.

Back to Mr. Pavlina the professional blogger, he discusses Dr. Douglas Graham and the 80/10/10 he advises. Then he exposes the we need so much protein myth and blasts Atkins. I tried cooked Atkins myself a long time ago and my cholesterol levels shot up. I hope you enjoy Mr. Pavlina’s writing and blogging. I am pretty sure HE will convince you to go raw. It has more to do with the writing style, the messenger…

My fascination with the raw food diet reminds me of the Dr. Soran character from the movie Star Trek: Generations. Once he experienced the bliss of the Nexus, he wanted nothing more than to return to it. After I experienced the incredible energy and vitality of my first 30-day raw trial, I’ve always wanted to return to it. Being vegan has given me a lot of benefits, both mental and physical (see Why Vegan? for details), but what I experienced from an all-raw diet was even better. I felt totally euphoric during my first raw trial, like I was constantly buzzing on an emotional high. Other raw foodists have reported similar results. The incredible feeling of well-being emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually is perhaps the diet’s most attractive benefit. I had enough of a taste of that feeling to know that it’s worth some effort to figure this out. If it takes me a few more years, so be it.

I knew there was something I was missing, so a few months ago, I started looking into the raw food diet in earnest once again, determined to make sense of my previous experiences. I read books and listened to audio programs from long-term raw foodists, including Dr. Douglas Graham, Frederic Patenaude, and Roger Haeske. I read blogs. I poured through FAQs. I subscribed to newsletters. I bought a phone consultation. I read hundreds of pages of insightful text, most of it written by people who have successfully gone raw and kept it up for many years.

I found that many other raw foodists struggled for years to fully convert. Thereďż˝s a lot of conflicting information on this diet, and it can be a real challenge to make sense of it. Some versions of the diet produce great results; some don’t.

What I learned was extremely eye-opening, and I had many a-ha moments. I can see why my previous attempts failed to stick as well as why my most recent attempt produced negative results. I can’t share all of those insights in a single blog post, but I can share my most significant realization.


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