Set your goals higher than just being eczema or psoriasis cured

Being free of eczema or psoriasis symptoms may deserve a celebration of sorts. But it is certainly no excuse to be slacking off in improving your health.
Some of you reading this may have declared yourselves cured. Sure symptom free. Clear skin. Some dryness every now and then. So what’s next?

What is next is pushing your health to even greater heights. There is more to life than just being symptom free. You don’t want to remain borderline healthy. Let me explain in a graph I just made.

Health Graph

So those who have just recently been cured of eczema or psoriasis are in the borderline healthy phase. You want to remain in the healthy symptom free side. What you don’t want is to remain borderline healthy. Nobody should want to just plateau. You should want more!

Now that you know eczema and psoriasis is just an expression of toxemia, you want homeostasis, you know you can reach health levels you may never have felt before!

If you read closely the cure protocol I made and read the resources there like Barefoot and Richard Blackman, you know there is a lot more than just eczema or psoriasis cure. You know that you could actually beautify, buff up, look decades younger, resist all diseases and live a long, healthy, and happy life… and get smarter and get monetarily richer at the same time.

I remember Dr. Tam asking in his seminar. Raise your hands. Who wants health? Who wants riches? Then he raises his own hand… “I want both health and riches at the same time!”

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