Health or Disease: Do We Have a Choice? by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Some of my readers here might be wonder where I get some of my ideas for eating raw animal meat. There is my personal observations, local folk knowledge and there are my readings. On the internet you can read the full spectrum of raw foodists, not just the vocal raw vegans and fruitarians. There are the ones who advocate an all raw meat diet and there are the many more people in between. These are the raw paleolithic diet people, a broad spectrum. In it I can see the Wai Diet, there’s Carol Alt the model, and there is Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

What is great about Aajonus Vonderplanitz is that at first reading you might say that his stories are whoppers, tall tales. Upon further analysis and comparison to previous teachers I have sought, Aajonus may seem just as preposterous as when I first read Barefoot Herbalist. But they are both correct! Barefoot achieves his optimal health via majority raw fruits, and Aajonus achieves his optimal health via majority fatty raw animal meats.

The question is, where does our personal optimal health lie? Something for you to find out. You must self experiment. What I do know is your food must be raw.

Back to Aajonus. I found this interview in Karl Loren’s website and I am shamelessly saving it in this blog post in case that page disappears. I’ve read Aajonus’ book We Want to Live but this interview says so much in so few words. You have to learn from this.

I’ve always sought out fatty food as beneficial. The good fats. Avocado, extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, coconut cream, etc. But Aajonus has experimented with himself and many people find that fats and meats from specific animals are beneficial for specific needs in your development or healing.

This is a must read.


By Aajonus Vonderplanitz

The medical profession is finally taking a closer look at alternative therapies for cancer and other diseases Why? In spite of trillions of dollars in research and high-tech tools, medicine fails miserably. Diet is one factor being considered. Nutritionist Aajonus Vonderplanitz is someone to whom a few important doctors are paying attention. The famous Dr. Robert Atkins, MD., author of marry best selling books on diet and nutrition, said of Aajonus work and book entitled We Want To Live, Revolutionary! This is an exciting book. An important book.

Aajonus was given 3 months to live after he was diagnosed and treated for the deadliest cancer Multiple Myeloma (cancers of the blood and bone). That was 30 years ago. Now, he looks at least 10 years younger than his age 51, muscular, radiantly healthy, doesn’t exercise and has the clearest blue eyes. His book tells how he and thousands of others reversed their diseases and achieved mental clarity with diet.

Unlike most nutritionists who focus on nutritional .supplementation, Aajonus is one who has concluded from his experience that diet is everything and supplements are toxic. The foods he suggests make most medical doctors’ hairs stand on end. But his suggestions have reversed most diseases, consistently.

We are made up of countless trillions of microbial life forms, including bacterial, viral and cellular. We know that we have to eat to feed and care for all of these life forms in our body. Food builds, grows, regenerates, lubricates, soothes, cleanses and fuels us, along with sleep and sunshine.

Knowing this, how do we choose the best food to build, grow, regenerate, lubricate, soothe, cleanse and fuel us? First, we must look to other animals that eat correctly, instinctively, and are without degenerative disease. Animals who have lived their entire life without degenerative disease ate all of their food raw. In clinical tests by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., M.D., animals fed raw foods had no degenerative disease, but animals that were fed cooked and processed food developed all of the diseases that plague mankind. Nomadic North American natives, including the Eskimo, mainly ate completely uncooked raw meat and ate plenty of raw fat, and lived without degenerative disease. Archeologists have discerned that as Native Americans began cultivating instead of hunting, relying on grain and fruit, they developed bone diseases, including dental decay. Then when whiteman brought them processed and cooked breads, sugars and alcohol, Natives developed all of the diseases that civilized mankind suffers, including heart diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Before Britains, Russians and Americans colonized in Alaska, the Eskimo did not have kettles in which to cook their food. They never heard of sugar or bread. They ate their food raw, which was 99% animal (fish, Caribou, seal, etc.). They lived free of degenerative diseases until the 1860’s, when dental decay first appeared. Dental decay occurred only in Eskimos who lived in whiteman’s colonies, eating breads and sugar. The first case of cancer among Eskimos was in 1934. Like dental decay, cancer appeared only among the Eskimo who mainly ate whiteman’s breads and sugars and cooked more. So, eating raw food is primary to living without disease.

Secondly, we must consider the make up of our gastrointestinal system the part of our body that digests and prepares food into substances for building, growing, regenerating, lubricating, soothing, cleansing and fueling us. Our intestine is 2 1/2 times shorter than most herbivores (animals who mainly consume vegetation, such as cows, deer and sheep). We have only one stomach while herbivores have 2 – 4. Herbivores have nearly 60,000 times more enzymes than humans to disassemble cellulose (plant fiber) to obtain the fat and proteins from vegetation and grain. Basically, we don’t digest vegetables and grain well; we are not herbivores. Our gastrointestinal tract is very dissimilar to birds who eat a lot of grain (seeds) and have very short intestine. We also lack their gizzard. We cannot properly digest grain for regeneration and healing. Our intestinal shape is like some frugivores, some primates, who mainly eat fruit. However, when humans eat a lot of fruit they incur demineralization, including bone deterioration, and dental decay. Also raw fruit over alkalinizes the intestines, as do whole raw vegetables, destroying proper protein and fat digestion, and destroying our ability to combine many foods. Unlike pure frugivores and herbivores, we mainly have an acidic digestive tract, including acidic bacteria, that facilitates digestion of animal products. If humans eat too much fruit and/or whole vegetables, they lose more and more the ability to digest food in its raw state  the state of unadulterated vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fats and proteins. Then there is the omnivore, such as the pig, who eats everything. Our digestive tract is similar in size and action to a pig’s. Finally, there is the carnivore, such as cats and dogs, who mainly eat meat. Our digestive juices are most similar to the carnivore. In their stomach the hydrochloric acid concentration is 15 times greater than a humans so that they digest meat in 10 hours accommodating their very short intestine. However, humans produce an equal amount of hydrochloric acid throughout the stomach and intestine combined, allowing raw meat and other raw animal products to digest in 16 hours in our much longer digestive tract without putrefaction. (Cooked meat digests poorly and takes 2436 hours to digest, and then it never digests without toxicity, often putrefying.)

Why, you ask, then, are we told to mainly eat grains and vegetables? It seems to have started a long time ago. The most plausible explanation is that a major transition had to occur when nomadic man decided to settle in one place. After consuming most of the animal life around their dwellings they had to eat something else. Rather than leave their homes, migrate to where more meat was and rebuild a village, they found ways to utilize vegetation and seeds (vegetables and grain). They learned that cooking broke down cellulose and allowed their digestive tract to utilize more substances from grains and vegetables. The price of cooking, however, created other problems.

Cooking destroys enzymes and vitamins, alters fats and proteins into toxic substances, such as, lipid oxides. Lipid oxides and other toxins that result from cooking food are disease producing and carcinogenic, especially when collected in the body for 20 – 60 years, depending upon a person’s individual health. Cooking, therefore, causes toxins to accumulate in the body and nutritional deficiencies, eventuating into diseases of all kinds, depending upon an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Disease is the collection of toxins, both natural (for instance, bodily byproducts, such as dead cells, lactic acid, urea, and poisonous plants) and unnatural (for example, chemicals, including cooked and processed food), caused by malnourishment and environmental pollution.

Today people eat mainly grain products (bread, pasta, cereal, etc.) and vegetables because they are less expensive than meat (all flesh food, including fish, fowl, beef, lamb), eggs and dairy products. Another reason is that science and medicine blame many diseases on people who eat much red meat, dairy, eggs and, generally, fats. However, fat‑free diets have caused a startling increase in degenerative diseases in the past two decades. Non-meat diets slow healing and regeneration. Science and medicine keep missing the bottom line regarding health and well-being. And the media parrots the misinformation to us, the public. Why do they miss the point?

Science and medicine blame Nature for disease. They are afraid of Nature. However, no wild animal has degenerative diseases unless their raw food supply is altered or eliminated or poisoned. Science and medicine blame harmful microbes for disease instead of blaming the poor environment that gestates and harbors harmful microbes. Actually, those microbes are beneficial and necessary toward removing disease and potentially diseased conditions. Like vultures, crows and worms, these microbes prevent the environment from becoming a gaseous toxic waste dump; they dissolve and/or eat the decay. Eliminating vultures, crows and worms is dangerous to the environment for most life on earth. Eliminating microbes, such as, ecoli, salmonella, campylobacter, forces decaying tissue to remain in the body, and the body gets sicker over time. Blaming microbes for disease is the same as blaming vultures and crows for the decaying carcasses that they find and eat. We don’t have to be afraid of bacteria. Eating diseased animals means that we eat toxicity that comes from animals fed processed food, hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. The blame should issue not on bacteria but on feeding us diseased animals, like Mad Cow, and cooked processed and chemically poisoned food stuff.

Next, we need to determine the appropriate quantities of fat, protein, vegetable juice and fruit to consume in order to achieve better health. This always depends on the individual but, we can make a very good general approximation with the information in this article. I have said that tremendous quantities of raw fat are important for optimal health. Fats are the most utilized nutrient in the human body. Fats are formed into white blood cells (antibodies), into lubricants to protect all cells, into solvents in conjunction with alcohol formed from fruit to remove all sorts of toxic substances, into the greatest and strongest energy possible, and into body heat to keep warm from the cold or into body coolant to keep cool from the heat. The healthiest tribes, like the Eskimo, consumed fat as 60‑80% of their caloric intake. They endured the coldest temperatures. The Sambutu tribes in Africa consume 60‑80% fat to endure very hot temperatures. Neither Eskimo nor Sambutu suffered any heart maladies as long as they ate their natural diet of raw meat and fat without sugar or bread.

Proteins in the form of meat are necessary to build and regenerative cells throughout the body. Red meat  beef, buffalo, venison, lamb, etc.  quickly regenerates and develops most glandular tissue and muscle. White meat  squirrel, rabbit, chicken, turkey and other fowl  more easily build and regenerate connective tissue, skin, and tissue in general. Seafood wild and nonfarmed more easily builds, regenerates and reconstitutes nerves including brain.

Fresh raw unpasteurized vegetable juices are important for optimal health because they are the only nontoxic vitamin, enzyme and mineral supplementation. Pill and powder supplements are only 212% properly utilized and are 8898% waste to be eliminated using vital nutrients. Supplements may be used as emergency medicine but they mostly decrease health rather than promote well‑being. Most pill and powder supplements create a toxic high that gives unhealthy energy, as caffeine does. Fresh raw unpasteurized vegetable juices alkalinize the blood without alkalinizing the acid parts of our digestive tract. We need the vegetable juices to replace all of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals lost, and to manage toxicity resultant from years of eating cooked food. It is important to restrict the quantity of high carbohydrate vegetables juices, such as carrot and beet. Carrot and beet juices raise the blood sugar level too high, only to drop and leave us fatigued, sleepy, irritable and depressed. A suggested, balanced vegetable juice mixture per cup would be 6 ozs. celery juice, 2 ozs. parsley or spinach juice, and 2 ozs. carrot juice.

A little fruit provides carbohydrate needed to properly utilize fat for energy and solvents. Our bodies make a certain amount of alcohol from fruit. Over-eating fruit causes the blood sugar level to soar and the pancreas to overwork to lower it. Eating too much fruit, even when raw, often gives a manic-like energy that drops quickly and leaves us fatigued, irritable, sleepy and depressed. I have found that it is wise to eat fruit with some form of fat to slow the fruit in digestion, preventing it from being utilized as a stored blood sugar (glycogen). For the reasons above, I have also found that it is wiser to eat the whole fruit (except rind) and rarely consume fruit juices..

Considering all of the above, an optimal diet would be all organically grown raw food consisting daily of one piece of fruit or one salad a day, 1 pound or more of raw meat (red meat, and/or seafood, and/or fowl), 1/2-2 lbs. of raw fat (cream, unsalted butter, unsalted cheese, eggs, coconut, avocado, oils cold-pressed below 96 F.) especially raw eggs, raw milk and coconut, and 1-4 cups of raw vegetable juices.

This type of diet, which I call the Primal diet, has reversed 95% of all types of disease where medical treatment was declined. It has been difficult for people to reverse disease after they endured medical drugs, surgery and radiation. In such cases under present studies, reversal rate after medical treatment with my Primal diet is 20-40%.

We do have a choice about how healthy we are, and will be, and if we will enjoy life without degenerative disease. How healthy do you want to be, and do you want to live disease-free?

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  1. please i do not want the use of the fuits for healing rather
    i need help to remove these dark mark on the two side of my face and also to remove the fine line or call it aging line on my face.

    i have been trying all what i can, but it came back after fading away and when i stop using those things its get darker.

    Elizabeth Hanson

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