Diet is one of the most important ways to improve your health

We’ve talked about diet so much lately in the past few weeks. There is more, a lot more. Choose which ones work for you. I am collating material from Healing Crow and New Treatments in this article.

Diet as a Tool for Health.

Modern day lifestyles are busy, full of stress, and seem to produce time conflicts more than ever. With time being so precious, it is no wonder that quick and easy foods are eaten over foods we need to prepare. When one does have time to reflect, it is usually not about the foods that one eats. It is usually family, love, friend, hobby, or work related. Not until one gets ill, does one look at food as a possible problem in one’s life. This common notion should change.

The foods we consume on a daily basis affect our health more than anything else. Our skin protects us from the outside world, but what protects us when the outside world is internalized? All of the materials we need for survival (besides oxygen and sunlight) need to be ingested and then digested. The easiest way to take control of our health is to take control of what we eat. If you’re doctors inform you that your health problems are not diet related, they could be wrong.

The foods of today are nothing like the foods of the past. Modern foods are laced with nitrates, preservatives, soy additives, plant byproducts, etc, and are heavily processed. Most livestock are pampered with high caloric feed, injected with hormones and antibiotics, and not allowed to graze, resulting in meat with different nutrients than those of wild game. Many of the modern foods touted as “healthy” didn’t even exist in our ancestor’s diet. It is important to realize that what the majority of people eat today is not optimized for our bodies, but optimized for convenience, taste, and preservation.

Our knowledge and technologies have advanced at a tremendous pace, but our bodies are still in the Stone Age. We still have the genetic makeup of our Paleolithic ancestors. On an evolutionary scale, our bodies have not been given the necessary time to efficiently utilize these new foods. It takes thousands upon thousands of years to adapt to the dietary changes we have incorporated in our modern day diet in a relatively short period of time. This sudden change in diet can account for many of the diseases that plague modern society.

To give our bodies the foods we need for optimum health, we must follow a diet that resembles that of our Paleolithic ancestors. Despite the trend to turn vegetarian, humans are omnivores. Our ancestors foraged the land, hunting and gathering what they could find. Tribes in the tropics ate many wild fruits, while tribes in the far north subsisted on dried meats and fat. The Inuit acquire most of their calories from seal blubber (almost 60% calories from fat).

If you have been caught up in the mainstream by following a diet low in fat or high in processed foods, or if you have developed a modern illness such as obesity, diabetes, Irritable Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases, do not despair. A Paleolithic diet can still be followed today

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The power of Diet

Diet is one of the most important ways to improve your health. Let’s review the options here. The healthiest diet is on the bottom on the list:

* Our Current SAD: The sad Standard American Diet
* The 19th Century Diet
* The Low-Carb Diet
* The Specific Carbohydrate Diet
* The Paleolithic Diet
* The Homo Optimus Diet
* The Raw-Paleolithic Diet

Our Current SAD: The sad Standard American Diet

To say it one one line: This is the worst diet ever !
Dietitians are telling us that we should eat more carbohydrates and less fats. That’s the worst advice you’ve ever had in your life. If you listen to them, you will surely die of heart disease or cancer and at least get one or more chronic diseases or allergies. This Standard American Diet will kill you and deprive you of your health and well-being. The cause is the high carbohydrate consumption and the low good-fat consumption. I won’t explain it all again. Please read the introduction and the 101-reasons why carbohydrates are bad page.

The 19th Century Diet

This is already a big step forward. In the 19th century, no refined grains were used (only full-kernel) and no refined sugar was used. The cancer death rates were only a fraction of what they are now, obesity was known, but not in the shocking high rates as we know it now. In 1869, William Banting already wrote an Atkins-like book that proofs that carbohydrates were already causing problems in the 19th century. Sadly, his book has been ignored, just like Atkins’s book by the medical society. Read the book here online.

The Low-Carb Diet

This diet is very wonderful. It heals many auto-immune disease, intestinal disease, allergies and many more. Obesity, hypoglycemia and diabetes II are also healed within a year on this diet. One should understand that high glucose levels and insulin are very toxic to the body and organs. This diet limits carbohydrate intake to 30 grams (Diabetes Solution), 72 grams (Life without Bread) or 20-60 grams (Atkins Diet Revolution). Lowering carbohydrate intake, lowers glucose levels in the blood and thus insulin. Did you know that cholesterol is produced by the liver during high blood-glucose levels. It’s produced to protect the arteries/veins from damage by the high glucose levels that react with the proteins in the veins.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

This diet is a gem. It was first published by Dr. Haas and Elaine Gottschall refined the theory and published her book: Breaking The Vicious Cycle. This diet allows only the foods that our intestines are capable of fully digesting. All grains and refined sugars are forbidden on this diet. Result is that this diet heals Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, IBD, Celiac disease and many auto-immune disease. Wether underweight or overweight, you will probably reach your perfect weight within months. Read more about it here: The SCDiet

The Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic Diet only allows the foods that were available to mankind during its evolution of many million years. Did you know that we only eat grains for the last 4.000-10.000 years. Our genes haven’t changed a bit in those years. Our genes are only fit to eat a diet that we ate for the millions of years before that: The Paleolithic Diet. This means: No grains, no sugars, no potatoes, no legumes (beans). It allows meat, organs, fish, non-sweet fruits (modern fruits are grown for sugar-contents), all vegetables that can be eaten raw (potatoes are toxic raw) , all nuts that can be eaten raw (peanuts and cashews are toxic raw). This diet is very close to the perfect diet. Adopting this diet means you will probably regain your health very soon.
More info on this diet:

The Homo Optimus Diet

The Homo Optimus diet is a refined version of the Paleo Diet. The Paleodiet doesn’t specify which amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to eat. Dr. Kwasniewski from Poland did a lot of research and found the optimal ratio’s: 1 part protein vs. 3 parts fat vs 0.5-0.8 parts carbohydrates.

The major advantage of this diet over the plain paleo-diet is the moderate amount of proteins eaten. Eating too many proteins stresses the body (the liver, kidneys, pancreas) quite a bit. Because of the high amount of fat in the Homo Optimus diet, only very low levels of proteins are needed. More on this diet on index page.

The Raw-Paleolithic Diet

The Raw Paleolithic Diet is the same as above, but it doesn’t allow the cooking or baking of foods. This means you’ll eat your eggs, meat and vegetables raw. Raw foods contain many more enzymes and other beneficial substances that will boost the healing process even further.

Furthermore, cooking foods, especially proteins, causes the formation of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances and causes crosslinking, creating many unnatural substances.
Another big advantage is that raw foods still contain most of their life energy (with that I don’t mean calories).

Some people say that a raw diet is hard for the body because the foods aren’t predigested. They say cooking foods predigests foods. This is true: Cooking foods breaks foods down and makes it easier to digest for the human body.

However, they forget that during the cooking proteins are harmed and rendered undigestable and unusable. Also, raw foods still contain the digestive enzymes which help a lot. It’s true that when a body is very mineral-deficient, the gastric and digestive juices will be relatively weak and problems might occur on the raw diet. In that case, it would perhaps be wise to first start with the cooked paleo diet to improve the digestion before moving to the raw paleo diet.

More info on this diet: Also check out the live-food newsgroup.
Here are some more details why raw foods are excellent for your health: Why Raw ?

Background information

Wai Genriiu’s Fruit:Fat rule

Wai’s diet is in fact a raw paleolithic diet with the focus on balancing fruits with enough fats. For each gram of carbohydrate you should at least eat half a gram of fat, directly after you ate the carbohydrates (read: fruit). The fat makes sure your bloodsugarlevels won’t fluctuate. This is a perfect addition to the Raw-Paleodiet. She also says that people with acne should eat no more than 100 grams of meat or fish or a total of 5 egg yolks. That’s because in people with acne the skin gets clogged easily because of the high water pressure caused by high protein levels in the blood.

Use this Excel sheet to calculate how much fat you need to eat after eating different fruits.

Read more on Wai’s diet on her website: and

One note on Wai’s diet: Out of my own personal experience, I conclude that the diet does what Wai claims it should do: All my acne disappeared within 3 weeks of strict adherence to the diet. However, I developed symptoms that were due to high blood sugars: Adrenalin overshoot, causing me feeling stressed all the time. I think Wai’s diet is safe when the adrenals and the pancreas and the thyroid are in perfect working order. However, when that’s not the case, like with me, you will develop problems with the blood sugars. Please swap to a low-carb version of the raw paleolithic diet. That will probably take care of the acne and cellulite also.. Or even better: Choose a raw version of the Homo Optimus Diet.

Cooked Vegan is never beneficial, it is merely a transition to raw vegan. No healing can be done on cooked vegan. Sorry.

These people forgot to mention the Fruitarian Diet and Raw Vegan Diet (some 50% fruit and 50% vegetables). Raw Fruitarian / Raw Vegan diets are healing / detoxing diets. You won’t build muscle on (some do like this but in a few short months or weeks it will help you detox in ways the detox protocols cannot do.

What to do when you are cured of your Eczema or Psoriasis? Find the correct diet for the long haul and keep adjusting as you see fit.

As for myself, I am moving from the Raw Vegan to Raw Fruitarian to mostly Raw Paleolithic. As to the proportion I foresee in the next few months I would be sticking with majority fruit (few veggies and fewer nuts) with the raw animal meat/fish, raw eggs, or raw dairy thrown in say one meal every other day. I’m consciously on a mission to consume more raw fats for the promised increase in energy and health: raw coconut meat, raw avocados, raw eggs, raw milk, raw butter, raw fish fat, raw meat fat.

Observe everyday. I observe how I feel, my entire body, my skin, my feelings, my sweat. Did I ever tell you there is ZERO BODY ODOR while eating raw? My right arm that was sprained is still not 100%, but since taking in the raw meats, eggs, fish, I feel some faster healing coming along. As for gaining weight, it might happen with exercise and muscle building, but I’m not counting on it. The body they say has a set healthy point.

My advice is for you to follow your own road. It is nice to read about success stories, but your path is unique. You have your own genetic makeup, your own background, your own challenges, your own environment. I hope the ideas I keep throwing at you in this website makes you think you cannot just read and be a copycat. You are you and the healing path you take will be tailor fit for you by you.

Addendum: Who knows what we can all stabilize at for vibrant health and extended longevity? Some will be raw fruitarian, raw vegan, mostly raw paleolithic, even carnivorous, or some other form of diet. Good skill. Keep sharing.

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