Itching, Scratching and Body Wisdom

It’s okay to scratch an itch. No sense in torturing yourself not to. Your body generates the itch because it needs to expel those toxins, whatever they are. Fingernails were meant to scratch. It is how you scratch that matters.

Body wisdom is your body doing the best it can given the current circumstances. For example a mosquito bites you, you get inflammation, which is a good thing… and then you get an itch… which is a good thing… and then you scratch, which is another good thing.

In the case of eczema or psoriasis, your body has chosen to expel some waste through your skin, and it needs some help via scratching, thus generating the itch.

When is scratching bad?

When the scratching is injurious to your health. Remember that the objective is toxin / waste release through the skin. You are not supposed to gouge out chunks of flesh.

What you are supposed to do is help release those toxins. Light scratching will do it sometimes. A clean handkerchief may help absorb the oozing toxins. A pail of hot water may help squeeze out more toxins. When the toxins are out you should experience relief.

Of course the objective is for the rest of the body to get its act together so the skin is not resorted to as a secondary anus. That is why the lymph nodes are encouraged to be pumped, exercised, many say jumping on a trampoline will do it, jogging, or any play or sport you enjoy. Then of course the liver, the kidneys, the stomach, the intestines and the colon should be cleansed and functioning properly so the wastes go their way.

Stump dumping too much pollution on yourself so you have a net positive cleansing balance at the end of each day. Pollution from the usual sources like cooked food, junk food, non human food, detergents, alcohol, make up, insecticides, deodorants, shampoo, lotions, petroleum jelly, etc.

External applications. If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Your mileage may vary for each solution. I’m pretty sure you have seen and read about many coping mechanisms. Try the safest ones first, those that are edible like: virgin coconut oil, olive oil, peanut oil, castor oil, avocados, etc. The external application is supposed to nourish your skin and let it breath at the same time. This is why I condemn petroleum jelly to the deepest depths. Petroleum jelly comes from oil, it is not edible, it does not let your skin breath, it harms people in the long run.

When does your skin stop itching? When the toxins are out. When new toxins need to get out of the skin, you start itching again.

When does the eczema or psoriasis finally stop itching? Once vibrant health is restored and the everything else is functioning properly.

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