Great progress with Bugoy… the cure in sight

Bugoy dropped by the house tonight to pick up a computer cable. I haven’t seen him for a month. He smiled better, seemed smoother and chubbier. A new belly growth is a sure sign of eating a lot of grains though.

I know Bugoy has been investing in Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for regular periodic colon cleansing. He would not need that if he stopped stuffing himself with fattening, constipating grains… at least don’t eat bread or noodles! Grains which do no human being any good for health. If you want healthy carbohydrates, eat raw fruits! If you want sustained energy and feeling of fullness, eat raw fat. At the worst, eat cooked fat.

I told Bugoy about the Raw Paleolithic diet. That he can go cooked Paleolithic first then go progressively raw, just like his older brother. Get those good saturated fats in. Get rid of the unsightly large gut. Please. Well, he looks cute up to this point. 🙂

Bugoy says his new found progress lay in his regular use of a loofah. The old dead skin that clung to his body due to 8 years of petroleum jelly use was progressively being scraped away, allowing his newly formed skin to emerge and breath. He now boasts that the skin pores on his stomach are shrinking. Also that his dryness feeling is fast vanishing and estimates that maybe in 1 month he will stop using lotions altogether.

Good for him! This is great news. A positive attitude from Bugoy! But he needs to do more reading.

The other day there was also great news with a man from Australia who cured his eczema.

The same day today a woman from the USA announced her cure from psoriasis.

Smile, smile, smile. Oh such great, great news from some 3 people today. We are winning the war on truthful information. Winning this war means true peace, true progress.

Can some of you help correct the dis-information on Wikipedia regarding eczema and psoriasis? Their pages contain such a disservice. Pure garbage. Wikipedia panders to the side that trumpets that there are no cures… what nonsense… cures are happening here! The tide is turning. People are winning!

Just reminding the cured people that you must return the favor and help teach other diseased people to cure themselves as well.

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