No eczema community should be established

My website retainership company just finished manning a booth in a motorcycle exhibit and my friend commented that a business succeeds when it nurtures its own community. Should form its own community?
I am definitely against forming my own eczema community.

Why is that?

Because I honestly believe that eczema or psoriasis as a mere symptom of toxicity; it is simply, easily and shortly cured.

I honestly believe that the information I post in this website, the way it opens up minds and teaches you how to fish for your own information yourself should enable any intelligent person to cure himself quickly and with finality, be healthy for the rest of his or her life.

I honestly wish you to be well in a short amount of time so you can do many more things about improving your life.

I don’t want the issue of eczema or psoriasis consuming your attention. In a few years you will have forgotten the pain and the hardships you endured, but you will have learned important lessons and new knowledge to pass on to your family, friends and your children.

Don’t forget to be my friend. If you ever take a vacation and land in Manila, give me a call. 🙂

That eczema cure is just avoiding pollution, nurturing yourself, detoxing yourself, intestinal healing with a fruitarian / vegan, high fat diet first, then reintroducing a healthy maintaining diet whether fruitarian, vegan, or with animal sources as long as the diet is high in GOOD FATS (extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, coconut meat, coconut milk, avocados, durian, egg yolks, raw or cooked animal fats) and low or absent in starchy carbohydrates (no potatoes, no wheat, very little if at all rice), avoid nightshades still.

If you are looking for a forum, you can ask around in the forums. Try the eczema forum or the Ask Barefoot forum.

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