Why fruitarian is the healing diet I recommend for eczema and psoriasis

I think a fruitarian diet should be your preferred choice as your healing diet for your eczema / psoriasis cure protocol. These are my reasons why.

kids just love fruits

For healing diseases there are several diets to choose from. There is:
1. fruitarian (fruits only) + fatty fruits
2. raw vegan (concentrating on vegetables) + extra virgin olive oil and other fatty vegan sources and avoid all nightshades
3. raw paleolithic (1 serving of fruit + raw meat and raw fat).

Note that there are no healing diets based on legumes and grains such as rice, corn and wheat!

The fact that you are suffering from eczema or psoriasis most probably means your digestive processes are having problems for the meantime: leaky gut, liver / gall bladder stones, pancreas deficiency, etc.

Eating meat at this sick time with a disruption in the flow of pancreatic enzymes and liver bile, makes it hard for your body to digest meat at this time.

Raw vegan could be your healing diet of choice if you are diabetic at the same time.

But if you are not diabetic, raw fruitarian is by a FAR MARGIN much more easily digestible, more nutritious and more cleansing than any old raw vegan approach.

Mono meals, raw fruitarian is much easier to do than raw vegan. Raw fruitarian is tastier and thus more pleasant than raw vegan. Trees make fruits to taste really great because trees want animals to eat their fruits to help them propagate their seeds. The fiber in vegetables to address constipation is a myth; fruits are much easier to digest and cures constipation absolutely much better than any old vegetables. The cure for constipation is raw fruits + fatty diet (not starch, fiber and vegetables).

The pitfall of many people in the beginning of being fruitarian is the only kinds of fruits they buy are too sweet, not local, not fresh. In my country, the only really sweet fruits are yellow mangoes and guyabano, the other fruits are by default organic or wild. See what fruits are available in your country.

My teacher says: “Fruits are cleansing, vegetables are constipating.”

To feel full and not be hungry all the time, you must ingest healthy raw fats: extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, durians, avocados, coconut meat, coconut milk, raw nuts you shell yourself.

You are encouraged to self experiment and experience the difference for yourself.

Your healing diet phase may last 1 to 2 months, then you could probably adjust to adding some raw animal foods in your diet, then a few slightly cooked animal foods.

Once you are cured I wouldn’t suggest you to make yourself sick again by eating processed, junk, fastfoods, grains and vegetables that do not deserve to be eaten raw.

Remember that diet is only a part of the eczema / psoriasis cure protocol. Diet alone won’t cure you. Please go to the cure protocols section, read and do everything else.

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