Mish: Pus in various places and treatments so far

My 4 year old Mish is enduring some painful cleaning by his mommy. His pus eruptions being cleaned by boiled guava leaves and cotton buds.

Mish pus cleaning March 21, 2008, Mommy at right

On the colon cleanse side, he has had 4 treatments with Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea. That’s 2-1/2 tablespoons for him. I think that is enough.

On the kidney cleansing side, he complains that he can’t seem to empty all his pee. So we are giving him avocado leaves tea every day. Also alternating with coconut juice.

On the parasite cleansing aspect, the herbs from Barefoot herbalist have arrived. Mish gets 1/2 teaspoon in 1/4 cup of reverse osmosis water 2x a day. Sip, don’t gulp is what Barefoot says in the instructions. 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner. I’m taking the same parasite cleansing dewormer myself. I take 2 teaspoons in 1/2 cup of water 2x per day. This puts my Mish in good company as both him and daddy are taking the dewormer. My boy has experience with Humaworm capsules last year.

On the diet side, my task, we are trying raw fruits and raw fish all the way and using extra virgin olive oil and coconut meat for fats. Alkaline foods have to be at least 80% of his diet. No grains, no cooked food.

Breakfast, we usually just have fruits, so that is easy.

The real trick is to take Mish with me out to lunch and dinner separately, especially when the grandparents and the aunts and uncles are there who eat a “normal” civilized meal of cooked foods.

This morning I had problems as the in laws just came home from a trip and were having breakfast with much junk food. I had to cut my losses and let Mish eat what grandma and mom prepared. I was late for breakfast because I was busy setting up a new computer server. I arrived and Mish had a stressed look that Daddy was here to police him. So I left the breakfast table and let him be. He ate preserved sardines in corn oil and canned tuna with mayonnaise. Very bad food. No wonder it is taking grandma forever to cure her own eczema.

This lunch Mish and I went to Tiendesitas to have a durian lunch. Luckily we found a fruit stand which had durian. P 120 / kilo, off season. Not so great taste, but it is still durian and it fills my boy up.

After lunch I give him a new haircut. A crew cut. So we expose those hidden eruptions. there are 3. Oh he’s cute in a crew cut.

This dinner I stashed Mish and older brother Cush to the Farmer’s Market and we ate 1/2 kilo of fresh raw ocean tuna with calamansi. It was a good meal. There was a mini concert on stage too as a bonus. And the boys enjoyed the chance of using chop sticks.

So we happily went home full. Dinner at home was cooked bangus fish in soup and rice and vegetables. Good thing we missed that. That would not have been constructive to Mish’s condition.

Here are some photos so you know what we are talking about here:

Mish ear March 19, 2008 Notice the pus eruptions.
Mish ass March 21, 2008
Mish left leg March 21, 2008
Mish right leg March 21, 2008
Mish’s new crew cut March 22, 2008

The question that comes to my mind is why this boy Mish consistently had problems. The last time was with his toe, it was a deep infection and a fungus.

This boy has yeast overgrowth then. Maybe virgin coconut oil supplementation will do. VCO detox is impossible to do on a 4 year old.

Whatever was my boy Mish’s diet in the past was not right. I believe it was mostly brown and white rice and vegetables and some fish. I tried feeding them cooked meats like pork, beef, goat, also raw egg yolks but that did Mish no good, it did wonders for his sister who was cured of her ear eczema. The nannies’ favorite cooking style is frying. Frying with some coconut hydrogenated oil. It is still frying. Raw food is still the key.

We’ve got wonderful fruits, I bought some organic carrots and celery to juice for him. I got him some organic cucumbers for his dip with the olive oil and mango.

Seems his condition worsened after our beach trip in Anvaya Cove, Morong, Bataan Monday through Wednesday. The waters there are beside Subic Bay, a former American Military Port Base. Don’t know what toxic chemicals they dumped in that area. I remember in 2005 when I went and swam in that same area my eczema got worse.

I’m thinking of taking Mish to the biological dentist to have him checked, just to be sure. Then I’ll take him to the anthroposophic doctor to ask her opinion. Try to find ways to improve his diet so it is more nutritious and has more variety.

Will we succeed? Of course we will. Think positive!

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