Mish: My eczema stricken son was given fried food!

Grrr!!. My boy Mish is under treatment for eczema. I come home a little late for dinner because of work and I find my son has FRIED FISH on his plate.

The true Filipino cultural idiocy of frying makes me so very angry.

His mother was beside him. And she blames me for being late. What? She was there since 6pm. She was beside the boy eating dinner with him and that means she ALLOWED the fried junk on our son.

I really don’t care if it was fried in virgin coconut oil. It is still fried! Frying is one of the worst cooking styles in the world. Frying should be made illegal. I keep repeating no frying for my children. The maids can fry themselves until they get their heart attacks, they already have their pimples, but no frying for my kids.

You can make fish broths, fish paksiw, baked fish, but not fried!

I will be making a big sign on the refrigerator door. No frying for my kids. Maybe I should be more drastic and take away all cooking oils. This is my sick son. No frying!

I fought back for my son. When I came home I had a watermelon with me. I immediately dumped it on the dinner table and my fruity kids forgot about what was on their dinner plates. My son forgot his fried fish. And my daughter forgot her icky vegetables. Summer heat is searing… the watermelon cooled everyone off.

For those looking for references about the ill effects of frying, see Dr. Pagano’s Book Healing Psoriasis.

For those who don’t know, I am an active hands on father. By 6am I and Mish took our Barefoot de-wormer dosages at the same time. Sip, don’t gulp, it’s a bonding experience. This morning at 7am I was with my 1st boy Cush on a class field trip. We came home by 2pm and my 2nd boy was asleep. I went to my office and did some office work and came back home around 4pm to give coconut meat and carrot juice to my kids (there are 3 of them). My 1st boy was taking his piano lessons with his teacher. The two younger ones were having fun with me and a nannie making carrot juice. Carrot juice tastes icky. Me and the kids have gotten used to a majority fruitarian lifestyle. We just sipped a few sips of carrot juice. Then before I left we sipped our 2nd dose of Barefoot’s de-wormer. Mission accomplished and I went back to my office, 500 meters from my home; it was 4:30pm.

The price of curing is eternal vigilance. It is the idiotic habits of 21st century society that is making epidemic hordes of people sick.

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