Mish: Insights from the Anthroposophic Doctor

Dr. Divina Hey saw us and our boy Mish this late morning for one full hour. We relayed many things. And she explained many things to me and my wife. Dr. Divina is one of those few doctors we regularly consult on health matters. Her anthroposophic point of view is valuable to us who raise children.
Dr. Hey says the pus formations are secondary infections from the eczema.

She does not think this is a “true eczema”, whatever that means, and says this is more of a hypersensitivity to allergens.

She is of the opinion that Mish must receive an anthroposophic medicine to calm down his immune system. Then the offending foods must be reintroduced one small part at a time to train his immune system to handle them. In this case it would seem from our stories that it could be the introduction of raw eggs that made Mish hyper-react. It could also be the introduction of that tone of junk food grandma dumped on him and the other kids last month: pizza, pasta, donuts and another, I forgot, plus they came home very late. I blogged about that and that my Mish got really sick for 1 week because of that.

Dr. Hey is of the opinion that the children should be acclimated to current society allergens and stressors so they can function in this society.

I and my wife can see to a clean diet at breakfast and dinner, but lunch is iffy as Mish is left with the nannies at home. Weekends, grandma is with him and grandma joyfully gives him “other” foods so as not to “deprive” him like canned tuna, bottled sardines in corn oil, bread, pizza, pasta, dried fish, mayonnaise, cheese.

Another insight from Dr. Hey is the function and development of the gall bladder and the liver. She is of the opinion that meat must be given morning or noon and none after 3pm so meats are a no no at night. Keep this rhythm going. She got some anthroposophic medicines for that too.

Then there is the insight about Mish’s poops. She asked how his poops were. Me being the best ass washer in the house, I tell her that I never really saw Mish poop formed stools. It was always scattered. Some at the bottom and some at the top. Not like my first born who always has formed stools.

Then Dr. Hey check Mish’s lymph nodes and found much congestion on his neck. So we were taught to massage this down, then the armpits, then the chest, then his groin.

As for treating the secondary pus infections, we are on the right track with the ampalaya leaves we crush. She recommends adding an anthroposophic medicine to heal the wounds.

Knowing me and my wife, we are still discussing this and there will be minimal medicine that will actually be used if at all.

Today was a good day to cease the fruit only diet and Mish tasted some fatty beef broth.

He just tasted it. He still preferred the cucumbers, coconuts and bananas.

This post will be expanded and edited.

Evening Update: This will be a wait and see process. We began using the ampalaya leaves as an antibiotic this morning and it may be the only one needed for the secondary infections. The less medicines the better. These may be anthroposophic medicines, but they are still medicines.

My wife began the lymph draining massages, that should be of significant help.

The scheduled meals for tomorrow are fruits and at lunch there will be raw tangigue fish (to be bought fresh by our cook tomorrow) kinilaw style, washed by vinegar and “cooked” in calamansi juice.

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