Update from the cured: My March 2008 current diet and detoxes

Everything about my current health status and progress is on the way up and up. Getting older, getting better. Everything about my personal health these days is just great. I’m the one that doesn’t get sick and the children notice.
I declared myself cured first half of 2006.

In January 2007 I suffered a setback while helping my brother Bugoy when I experimented with alkalizing chemicals for him. I wrote about those dangerous calcium hydroxides. I did not know that alkali burns were so much worse than acid burns. The rest of 2007 was spent healing the damage of those chemicals that seeped inside my legs and burned my skin. Especially the site of the old eczema on my right leg and some on me left leg. The flesh was literally eaten up. And it takes time and superior detoxing and superior nutrition to heal it all up.

Healing many people in 2007 proved education for me and I tried raw vegan recipes (taste bad) and orange juice fasting, coconut juice fasting, raw fruitarianism, wai genriiu style raw paleolithic with 90% fruit and some raw egg yolks and raw fish.

I detoxed myself down to 112 lbs by end of December 2007 using a 100% raw fruitarian diet. But I felt cold while 100% fruitarian.

Although the longevity goals of my teacher Barefoot Herbalist MH are admirable, I have more current goals. Which is building a physique, charm and a body as a chick magnet. You know me, I’m pro-natal, pro-life, fertility coach. I want to be damn fertile and oozing with sex appeal. I can’t do that on 112 lbs at 5′ 5″ and at the low normal of the BMI scale.

The path that appealed logical to me and my patient style is a combination of the Homo Optimus Diet, Raw Paleolithic and Raw Fruitarian Diet.

That is beginning January 2008 my goal is to gain 2 lbs a month until I reach something like 130 lbs on lean, sexy, man muscle.

My diet is just fruits and fresh raw / cooked animal sources with the fresh raw / cooked animal sources without condiments, at a fat to lean ratio of 1 part protein to 2-3 parts fat. I don’t eat vegetables / plants. I don’t eat grains such as rice, wheat, corn, soya.

For animal sources my maximum is 1 animal meal a day. That could be 5 raw egg yolks, or 1/4 kilo of fatty lechon (whole roast pig), or 1/5 kilo of fatty roasted whole calf, fatty beef broth, raw beef sirloin with fat, or 1/4 kilo kinilaw (washed with vinegar and dipped in calamansi juice) goat skin, or raw salmon, raw tuna, other raw fish kinilaw.

Just this dinner I had wonderful raw tuna fish kinilaw at a graduation celebration for my nephew. Great dinner! Upon getting home I chop myself open a coconut, eat the meat and drink the juice.

Yesterday I weighed myself in the digital scale and it said 117 lbs. Pretty good. Right on target. People say it seems visually I remain slim. But the digital scale says I’ve gained 5 lbs since January. That means I gained muscle.

It is great to be free of any grain addiction. There is a rice shortage and price crisis in the Philippines and I personally don’t care about that for myself because I’m a Filipino who does not eat rice nor miss rice. Fruits and Fat are a better source of energy. Eating animal fat fills me up and makes me feel full and full of energy the whole day. Cooked meat tastes better but raw meats make me feel much better and the fullness feels just right.

As to the cleanses I currently do. Barefoot Herbalist’s Herbs arrived and I’m taking the dewormer / parasite cleanse for 30 days. I got a headache and a slight fever from it on the 4th and 5th day, but I’m fine now. I’m doing using the LBB, lower bowel balance, and I experience, that it is a bulk builder and stool former. It seems the LBB’s purpose is correcting the bowels to optimal form. I don’t think the LBB is meant for instant emergency responses as Dr. Tam’s miracle tea.

Other cleanses I just do them on demand when I feel I have a need.

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