Bugoy: Healing progress and advised corrections

I visited Bugoy in his apartment last night. He has the confidence and a better attitude this time. Says he is still healing. Showed his feet are the last to heal.
I say he is cute and chubby. Fat. He admits he is now 130 lbs plumpy. I say that in a nice way 🙂 . Plumpy is not good though. With his height he is almost obese.

I saw on his table is an almost empty loaf of white bread. Bad junk. And there was a big plastic empty bottle of peanut butter. I told him peanut butter is bad junk. That peanuts themselves as legumes are bad food. Molding peanuts has aflatoxins. And commercial peanut butter has loads of aflatoxins. Best stay away from this bad combination of white bread and peanut butter!

I noticed on his right cheek some sort of excretion. Bugoy says he does not know what bad food he ate that caused that. But I do know now. I just pointed it out, right?

Bugoy is still rice and vegetable based with a good amount of cooked meat. He has a maid who cooks for him.

Sigh, since I don’t live with him and he’s not my son I can’t really dictate on him what he should be eating.

I do share with him that I’m raw fruits and raw fatty animal based diet, aka raw paleolithic diet. And notice the difference in our physique. For those who don’t know, Bugoy is my brother (I’m older by 11 years) so if we eat the same way, we are shaped the same way.

Whose getting the chick magnet shape now huh?

Seriously, Bugoy has a new job. He is again on track studying for examinations to further his career. He studies at a Starbucks Coffee place and says he pays for his stay there by ordering on of their teas. Yuck, caffeine still, sigh.

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