Eczema Natural Healing website by Donia

Monitoring the eczema forum on has its rewards. A forum post led me to the website Eczema Natural Healing by a woman named Diona. Her story and journey is a great altruistic read.

Her introductory page goes like this:

“Welcome to my Eczema Natural Healing website! If you are looking for a natural healing approach for eczema, you’ve come to the right website. The pictures you are looking at are my photos. I suffered from eczema ever since I was a child and today I’m eczema free.

My goal in setting up this website is to inspire, empower and support every single individual suffering from eczema to have the kind of success and healing results that I experienced by using a natural and holistic approach. Suffering from eczema is not your inescapable destiny. This website will teach you how to use a natural superfood diet and a supplement program to heal your body from eczema for good. So, let the journey begin and I sincerely hope that the information provided in this website will lead you to an eczema free life.

— Donia”

Absolutely great find. The plus factor is Donia is into coaching! She says so explicitly.

Note: I’ve noticed there is a pattern to true health cures and you will notice it too. The cured people can readily assess truth speak and marketing speak.



  1. Wow Donia, Your story, which seemed miserable for a time certainly changed for the better! The results that you achieved are exactly the results that a lot of my customers have achieved. Because eczema affects 26 million Americans and continues to grow in numbers, I have developed a website: with main goal of providing information and free product samples that really help in the eczema fight. Send me an email at to let me know what you think of the website. Also, I am hoping that we can link our websites at some point in the future! Thanks Again.

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