Helping a poor psoriatic man I just met

I was lined up in the bank this afternoon and I was looking curiously at a small man who seemed like his house caught fire and he got burned terribly pink. I just couldn’t resist and smiled at him and ask how he got burnt.

He said that his skin is not burned. Doctors say it can’t be cured. He casually says he has psoriasis, and that his psoriasis runs in the family.

Or does it?

My good samaritan instinct just switched ON and I pulled out a business card and wrote two websites on it: and

I told the man, without asking his name, that psoriasis is absolutely curable.

He asked, how do I know?

I told him I used to have something like that and I cured my brother as well.

I specifically made it clear to him that what doctors thought were incurable were not so. That these mere symptoms are curable, and the websites I wrote on the card will teach him how it is done.

What was very important is that when he has learned and cured himself. Please, pretty please, I do not ask for any payment, I just ask that he teach others. He said he will.

Now, will he get to read the website? I don’t know. Many Filipinos are still web illiterate. But if he really wanted to cure his psoriasis he would find a way, or a friend to teach him how to read websites, right?

I don’t know the man, maybe he will call me up later. Who knows?

I had bigger fish to help after that. My loyal plumber has acid reflux, getting thinner, has liver constipation and doctors suspect he has cancer. So I pulled him aside in front of my computer and taught him colon cleanse, kidney cleanse and liver flush. I even printed out the pages from the website so he has a hard copy. I gave him an empty bottle of the colon cleanser Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea so he will not make a mistake in knowing what to buy. Ah the perils of being a non-web person. Ignorance is expensive.

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