Many external applications will work temporarily

There are many external creams, lotions, oils and potions sold all around the world that may relieve you of localized eczemas. They work by plugging up or fast healing that part of your skin.
But ultimately and eventually, they will all fail if that is the only thing you will be doing to help your eczema or psoriasis symptoms.

Remember that eczema means your body is using your skin as a method of excreting its waste. For some reason, your regular waste disposal methods are faulty: colon, kidneys, liver, stomach… and your blood gets dirty… so your body decides it is best to clean your blood through the lymph and out through your skin.

It is all a matter of convenience for your body. If you let this eczema or psoriasis continue, then your body is trained to use the new outlets every time. Like a second anus. It’s gross, but your skin as a second anus is what it is.

What the externals do is plug up that part of your skin. Eventually, your body finds other areas of your skin to open up to be able to release the waste.

Please recognize this body wisdom and let your body do what it has to do… for you to live.

Steroids or immune system suppressants are the most harmful of these applications. It stops your body from doing what it has to do. So toxins, the waste are locked inside your body. Do this long enough and your body will have no choice but decide to make tumors to encapsulate the waste. Then the greedy medical system will diagnose you with cancer and will strike so much fear into your heart you will gladly fork over all the money you have to their deadly methods called surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

But back to relief using externals. Here are a couple of externals popularly used:

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel
Olive Oil / Peanut Oil Mixtures
Castor Oil
Petroleum Jelly (harmed my brother due to long term use)
Epsom Salt Baths (alkalizing)
Steam Baths
Sodium Bicarbonate Baths (alkalizing)
Champori Cream
Calendula Salve / Creams

And I’m sure there are more… lots more… up to you to self experiment.

You must remember these are mere relief measures. These are NOT the cure.
These external applications are NEVER the cure.

I would advise you to stay away from the drugs and the chemicals. They may do more harm than good. But that is just my opinion. Basically, you must know what you are putting on your skin. You must know what the ingredients are. Secret ingredients are just unacceptable for me.

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