After detoxing, it is time for superior, nutritious eating via Raw Paleolithic Dieting

You can’t detox forever you know. There is a time for detox and a time to build your body with superior nutrition. Some eczemas or psoriasis is caused by malnutrition.
The fact that some of your skin injuries take too long to heal, it must be malnutrition.

When your leaky gut has healed. When you have orange juice fasted. When you have VCO detoxed and done your liver flushes. Once you feel your whole digestive system has healed, it is time for some serious eating. More raw eating. The most nutritious kind: clean, power packed, body building… and still raw.

I’m referring to a raw paleolithic diet. I’m talking about homo optimus dieting ratios where it is 1 part protein, 2.5 to 3.5 parts fat and 0.8 parts carbohydrates.

The cleanest carbohydrates come from raw organic / wild fruits!
The cleanest fats come from raw organic animal foods such as raw egg yolks, raw sea animals, and raw land animals, including some raw internal organs, raw coconut meat, raw avocados, extra virgin olive oil.
The cleanest protein comes from the same above.

I must tell you, fat is your friend. Remember, if you did fruitarian or raw vegan, the only way you could survive that is if you ate a lot of raw fats? Nod your head. Raw fats are important. They are cleansing, healing, nutritious fats.

The cholesterol – saturated fat – heart disease hysteria is wrong, it is a myth, a total lie. Now trans fats, frying, cooking oil… those are bad.

Do not overeat on those proteins. Eating enough fat will tell you you are full. Protein overdosing is a cause of disease. Tone down on the cooked food.

I know raw paleolithic dieting is hard in the beginning. You may need all the help you can get.

There is a new online forum where you can get help and discuss with long time raw paleolithic dieters at

Enjoy being full, being satisfied, feeling warm and strong. After all those detoxes, happy rebuilding! You deserve it.

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