The Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Protocols are Generic

Do not get the wrong idea that the only way I recommend is my way. Of course not. I would like to state clearly that I lay out the principles and you do the best method you have where you live.
For example, colon cleansing is a must. Please use a colon cleanse method available in your area, available for sale on the internet, or from a supplier you trust.

Then there is intestinal healing. Do what you have in your place. If you have a ton of aloe vera plants in your garden, then fillet and juice or eat them. If you are in another country with an equivalent effect to orange juice fasting, do it.

For the liver flushing, if you don’t like the traditional extra virgin olive oil, there is the egg yolk liver flush and there is a coke flush.

For the kidney cleanse, there are many herbs sold that also do kidney cleansing.

With regards to diet, you already know the principle is for fast digesting food first like fruits and pre-digested vegetables, then meat later on. But if you live in a place where the fruits are all bad, skip the fruits and do pre-digested vegetables. If you are the carnivorous type, eskimo, american indian, northerners, ask the carnivore experts at the for alternatives.

Just look at and look at the things you need to do and study the underlying principles about what is to be achieved. You are free to do what equivalents or better stuff you have available to you. I only describe the methods available to me and those I have personal knowledge that work.

The next time you are at an expo, a fair, or a market, you might be surprised at the many natural or packaged products that may be useful in your personal cure protocol.

Caveat: I have a bias against chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs. Buyer beware of any product. It pays to ask unbiased people. People with real experiences with the products, not those planted viral marketers who just want to sell you things. Get as close to nature as possible. Natural mechanisms of healing are biologically compatible to us humans.

So happy hunting out there folks. I know in the places where you live you may not have access to some of the stuff I describe here, I am sure you have something equivalent you can use just the same.

Good skill, I expect nothing less than full cure.

P.S. A new friend I met almost 2 months ago is preparing his cure story and photos. Wow, these cure stories are getting faster and faster. The build up and refining of this cure knowledge benefits the new sick. Now we know this science of healing is getting to be methodical and reliable.

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