Aloe Vera for Leaky Gut and intestinal healing

People who had the will power and the reserve strength to be able to accomplish a 3 day virgin coconut oil detox and a 14 day orange juice fast are well rewarded by renewed intestinal health. But what about those who cannot? What alternatives are available for them?

aloe vera plant

My new friend and soon to be the newest feature in the cure stories section of this website told me about his experience with the 3 day VCO detox.

He merely thought about all those doctors who said his full body eczema was incurable. Then he did the raw fruitarian, raw vegan diet and was encouraged by the improvements. Then he did his colon cleanse, his kidney cleanse and 2 liver flushes.

Then my friend found the time to do the VCO detox. He said his legs turned into rubber. But he found the will, the courage and the strength to finish the 3 day VCO detox. He woke up on the 4th day with all his eczema magically healed. Not one bubble left.

But then there are many more out there who can’t seem to manage not even more than one day of VCO detox or 1 day of orange juice fasting.

It would be unfair to say that they do not have enough will power. It would be better to assume they had expended all reserve capacities of nutrition in their bodies. They do not have enough nutrition left to do any kind of fasting.

What to do? Throw out all cooked food. Throw out all grains, beans and potatoes. Eat raw fruits, raw vegetables, some cooked sweet potatoes, raw egg yolks, raw fish (sashimi), eat raw fats like extra virgin olive oil, fresh coconut meat, fresh coconut cream, extra virgin olive oil. This is essentially a raw paleolithic diet… but without the land animal meats which may be difficult for your digestive system at this point of your illness.

One of those effective natural remedies is aloe vera. Externally, fresh aloe vera gel is fantastic for skin healing. My 3 year old girl burned her hand on a clothes iron and our solution was to dip her hand in fresh aloe vera gel. When my eczema raged, I put aloe vera gel on my eczema in a race to heal my skin; sure it worked… for a while, then my body in its wisdom re-opened my skins to let my toxins out.

Some letter senders have pointed out that they are getting good results with using aloe vera internally. Dr. Sandra Cabot, the liver doctor also recommends aloe vera to cure leaky gut. Oh yes, I remember buying aloe vera juice in the supermarket. But that is supermarket quality… which is really no quality with the preservatives, the sugar and the flavoring and the coloring they put in there. My landlord has a large aloe vera patch in her back yard, I would have to raid her whole aloe vera garden patch to make enough juice to heal leaky gut. Mike Adams of Natural News has a visual tutorial on how to fillet aloe vera.

aloe vera in capsules

I was corrected that there are now aloe vera gels in capsules. The pure stuff without the additives in commercial aloe vera juices. Now this sounds interesting. Ingest enough aloe vera gel continuously and your leaky gut should heal in time. So a largely raw paleolithic diet, without grains, beans and potatoes, without nightshades plus aloe vera internally could prove to be an alternative to curing leaky gut.

Unfortunately, I can’t test this on myself or my brother Bugoy because our leaky gut / eczema / psoriasis are all cured. For those who are unable to fast, this may just be the thing for you.

Aloe vera capsules are available with the brand name Aloeride. Click here to know more.

As usual, self experiment. If it works, it works. Write me about it.

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