From SAD, to raw vegan, to raw fruitarian to raw paleolithic diet

Some people do not understand why I’m shifting from one diet to another. I would have to say that I went through healing phases and self experiments. One kind of diet may be needed to address an illness or a condition, and another to take my health to new heights.

I grew up on a standard urban diet. Much like the standard american diet. Food additives, cooked rice, bread, condiments, cooked meat, cooked vegetables, some fruits, cooked meat, junk food, coffee, soft drinks (when I go out and can’t find water), packed juices.

I got the usual standard illnesses the masses think are normal these days like asthma, a big wart, pimples, obesity, some unknown viral illnesses, constipation, eczema, infertility, etc.

I went through the usual medically accepted stuff like drugs, more drugs, experimental drugs and steroids galore.

Of course being healthy is more than just diet. I’m here to talk about the reasons I went through those phases.

We improved our SAD diet to what was commonly thought as better. Whole grains, soya, no MSG, no microwave, no instant mixes but that wasn’t enough. I tried raw vegan when I was giving the same recommendation to a cancer patient I said, what the heck, it’s good for him, I’ll try it myself. I did raw vegan for 2 months, but it was unsustainable, made me too thin and it was such a hassle. I went back to eating cooked rice and some cooked meats again. Then I was getting tired of the never emptying of my liver stones so I did orange juice fasting and raw fruitarian. That got rid of my liver stones alright. Also helped heal other minor glitches on me. But I was getting even thinner on raw fruitarian, but more importantly was that I was cold. Now feeling cold in a tropical climate was just plain wrong. I knew something was missing. So I got introduced to the raw paleolithic diet via the WAI DIET. Wai Diet is raw fruitarian plus raw egg yolks and various raw fish an easy jump from my raw fruitarian. Then I wanted to get buffed up, gain even more weight, and I was bored with just raw eggs and raw sea food, so I added raw beef and raw goat. I wanted more variety so I tried roast pork. This morning I tried raw organic pork. I was not impressed with the taste. I will try raw organic chicken. We just got a new batch.

I’ve been or raw and some cooked paleolithic diet for some 5 months and I can report good success with this diet. Raw paleolithic is sustainable and filling. March, i tried lower carb and higher fat, very good, results so far. Fat is a better source of fuel than carbs. Today I am still on low carb and high fat. The only source of carbs I have is fruit. And I think the quality of carbs from my tropical fruits are different, superior to the starches of rice and wheat products. I’m trying to follow the homo optimus diet of 1 part protein, 3 parts fat, 0.8 parts carbs. My 0.8 parts carbs are my raw tropical fruits in season. My fat is a combination of coconut meat (fruit), and animal fats, extra virgin olive oil sometimes, raw egg yolks. My protein comes mainly from the raw animal foods.

Why do I think raw paleolithic, homo optimus diet is sustainable? It’s easy. No fancy preparations. No cooking. The food is pure. I eat mono meals. One food at a time. And I do not get hunger pangs because fat burns long and keeps you full for a long time. I noticed that I am effortlessly coasting on this raw paleolithic diet. It is so darn easy I have no need for a cook anymore, much to my cook’s dismay. The most cooking I do is to merely heat my refrigerated meats to yummy warm levels.

I look better and feel much better today than last year, and the previous year. I have energy levels that can be abused and used to concentrate on business instead of thinking about how to get well. This kind of progression to what I did today looks like the same progression many formerly sick people went through.

When we were sick, our digestive systems were wrecked. With a wrecked digestive system, only easy to digest foods would do, like raw fruits and raw vegetables that are pre-digested (prepared well). Wrecked digestive systems have a problem digesting fats and animal foods. When the digestive system gets healed and powerful digestive capacities are back, it is time to use them, not abuse them. So a raw paleolithic diet suits us well. A low carb, high fat diet suits the perfectly working digestive system. Fats giving the energy, the cleansing ability, and the vitamin absorption capability. Animal foods giving optimum protein and building muscle.

Of course gym workouts will be next for me. Beginning June, my sons go to school, it’s time I did some gym type body building. I want to maintain a 30 inch waistline. I want well defined buff looks. I now have the energy and the strength to do work outs. Let’s just squeeze some time in there. Hmmm… how about power lifting? Sprinting? As long as the work outs are short, I want it.

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