Bugoy says all is getting better and his feet are the last heal in a month

Bugoy came to my child’s birthday party yesterday. Everybody saw that he was FAT. But asked how his skin was. He said everything was a-ok, getting better all the time. The last to heal are his feet with just old skin pealing off. He estimates in 1 month all skin will be brand new.
So in terms of Bugoy’s skin symptoms he will be free from the psoriasis / eczema diagnosis in 1 month.

But as I said a few weeks ago, Bugoy was FAT. His tummy is sticking out. I’m making fun of him he might want to inherit my old size 36″ pants. Says he won’t need them as he is slowly making the changes I discussed with him with the homo optimus diet 1 part protein, 3 parts fat and 0.8 parts carbs. He is upping his fat intake with coconut meat fat. Must be the easiest fat to get a hold of. Remember, we live in Manila, Philippines where coconut vendors are literally everywhere.

I asked Bugoy if he has talked about his success with his best friend doctor who is in New York City. Bugoy says his best friend would not be interested in his methods and new found knowledge about real health. Makes me wonder why doctors would not be interested in knowing about real health and real cures huh?

So Bugoy was coughing bad yesterday. Hmmm… only cooked food crap can cause coughs. He was asking for some oregano yesterday, thought it would be in capsules, I said no, we are beyond that now, we planted some oregano in our garden and so I took him outside and have him pluck a leaf and had him chew on it.

The solution to coughs and colds is to eat a “mucusless diet” a diet that does not cause any mucus formation. A raw paleolithic diet does not cause mucus. I’ve been on it for more than 5 months if you include raw fruitarian, then 7 months, and not once did I experience a cold or cough. Truly amazing.

So Bugoy’s problem is now being overweight, obese, FAT. That will be the topics to discuss regarding Bugoy in the future.

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