Natural Eczema Cure Education Results in Stellar Health

Natural, holistic approaches to curing eczema has resulted in stellar health for 38 year old Mr. Edwin Casimero.  Two years ago he made a press release to tell the world how he was cured of his eczema. Two years ago he promised to setup a website to teach eczema and psoriasis stricken people and the result was

They say there is no cure for eczema in the medical arena, but in the natural arena, the cures for eczema and other medically incurable diseases are plain and obvious.  Eczema is just one of your body’s self defenses, eczema is a method to clean your blood of toxicity, it is like having a second anus.  The normal methods of elimination have been compromised by  constipation of the primary eliminatory organs and the continuous onslaught of environmental pollution and barely human food.

When I was first cured of eczema in 2006, I concentrated on detoxing, cleaning my eliminatory organs;  colon cleansing, kidney cleansing, liver flushing, steam bathing.  Then I learned how to restore and regenerate my internal organs, cure leaky gut, with various methods of fasting.  Then I learned to avoid all forms pollution by eliminating chemicals from my personal care products.  The rule of thumb is, if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

In 2007 I experimented with raw vegan diets and raw fruitarian diets.  Both diets made me too thin.  Both diets left me feeling cold.  Maybe the raw fruits and the raw vegetables available to me were not nutritious enough.  Or it is quite possible that my body requires animal foods.

A new breakthrough was with a now fully functioning digestive system beginning this 2008, I was now able to eat the most nutritious food most appropriate for the human body.  The diet humans evolved on for millions of years, the raw paleolithic diet.  Today I eat raw organic fruits, raw organic vegetables except nightshades, raw organic or wild animal foods from all kinds of raw fertilized eggs, raw internal organs, raw muscle meat and raw fat.  It is amazing how good and how strong I felt running on the evolutionary prescribed fuel for humans.  It is amazing that I am always healthy, not one cold episode experienced while on the raw paleolithic diet.

Raw vegetables and raw animal foods are separate classes of foods.  We are used to eating fruit raw and would find it illogical, unnecessary and destructive to cook fruits.  It is the same with vegetables and animal foods.  If something requires cooking before eating, it is not a true food.  I learned that from Natural Hygiene which is primarily fruitarian, and the same applies to raw animal foods.  We deserve the best nutrition possible, only raw food can deliver the best nutrition, without pollution, without constipation.

Today at 38 I feel as light and as strong as I was when I was 18 years old.  My eczema adventure led me to a fantastic educational truth journey, and I am determined to follow it wherever it may lead. And it has led me to help cure people other people with eczema, psoriasis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, kidney disease and more.

Today I consider myself an altruistic healer.  I help people cure their own diseases by educating them.  Only through truth in health education will a person be cured of his disease forever.

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