Challenging all eczema and psoriasis blog owners to cure themselves

I suddenly got the inspiration to contact all eczema and psoriasis blog owners and reach out to them to at least look at my website and teach them how to cure their eczema and psoriasis once and for all, with finality, for the rest of their lives.

The cure for eczema and psoriasis is written in this website.  And I constantly try to improve my cure protocols.  Heck, I even extended my cure protocols now to cure other “incurable” diseases such as cancer and the other lesser known yet still deadly diseases.

Some eczema blog owners I see are just happy to live with and accept their condition.  Well I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and work your butt and cure, cure, cure yourselves.

It’s just a matter of detoxing, stopping all sources of pollution from personal care products… yes, your potions and lotions are polluting you while relieving you of itch, and changing your diet to the human diet of raw meat + raw fat,  raw fruits and some raw vegetables, a raw paleolithic diet.

It is so easy now folks. Let’s use this gosh darned information technology at our fingertips to cure everyone.

My plan is, I teach how to cure each and every one of you eczema and psoriasis blog owners, then with our combined internet power, we teach the world to be eczema and psoriasis free!  Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

You will all be ex-eczematic and ex-psoriatic blog owners.  Sure, there is still some money to be made from all the sick people in the world.  We can usher in an eczema cure industry!  Sounds good.  Heal the world… for real.

I am open to comments and suggestions.

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