Raw Paleo Diet Cures Eczema, it is the correct, evolutionary, nature-prescribed Human Diet

For the majority of people, it’s relatively unknown what causes inflammatory and autoimmune disease, on the other hand for tens of thousands of people, it’s just common knowledge.

These diseases are caused by unnatural substances in your diet.

It’s just very obvious to anyone who has studied the subject in depth.

There is one diet in particular that is the best at curing these diseases.  It’s called the Paleo Diet.

One doctor in France who conducted his own study.

Acne 40 cases… 100% success rate.
Eczema 11 cases… 100% success rate.
Psoriasis 53 cases… 77% success rate.

These are choice cuts from Mr. Loren Howe who gets it.

And these stats show cures just upon changing to the nature prescribed human diet. Do you get it?

What most people are eating today, what you may be eating today is un-natural, is not for humans, is not food which was intended by God or Nature for you to eat! Most people today have got it all wrong. The cure for inflammatory and auto-immune diseases is just going back to eating the way nature intended humans to eat!

The Raw Paleolithic Diet is just raw organic / wild fruits in season, few raw organic vegetables that taste great raw — no nightshades, and raw organic / wild animal food from the ocean and from the land. And no cooking! Cooking pollutes your food.

Watch Mr. Loren Howe as he tells you straight the way it truly is. Something only altruistic people will tell you because there is no funding mechanism to promote the true human diet, the Paleolothic Diet.

Buy Loren Howe’s Book: The Real Story of Money, Health, and Religion
(My way of saying thanks for providing his video on this page.)

Fortunately, a few fellow raw paleolithic dieters got together and made websites, forums and yahoo groups for bonding and information exchange. See http://www.rawpaleo.com and http://www.rawpaleoforum.com You will see me there. I post as GoodSamaritan, same as I do in Curezone.com

Do I follow this diet myself? Of course I do! Absolutely! Now you know why I stay cured. And I will stay cured for the rest of my life. This diet rocks because in the 9 months I’ve eaten only paleolithic food, I have never gotten sick.


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