Spacepixii Watching Eczema Disappear Before Her Eyes!

Spacepixii left a note on under my vco detox post. It is something I would like to share here to inspire those who are still searching for an eczema and psoriasis cure.

hey, i totally agree with you!! Coconut oil works!! i have been battling with severe eczema for over a year now. I did the full detox, bowel, liver everything…but i got to about my 10th liver flush and felt like i wasnt really getting any better…none the less i persisted as i know that symptoms sometimes get worse before they get better. However, it was taking soo long that i began to think that maybe there was somethin else i needed to do but i didnt know what. I got to 17 liver flushes and no stones and i knew definatley then that there was another piece to the puzzle that i must have been missing. i had also been having digestion problems for months and i thought that with all the cleansing that it would eventually fix itself, but it didnt…

then i read on curezone that a lady substituted coconut oil for olive oil while liver flushing and got out lots of candida. So i tried it and the result was amazing! that was last weekend. This weekend im doing a 3 day VCO detox..and my eczema is disappearing before my eyes!. I am soo happy that i have finally found the missing puzzle piece. I have tried sooo hard for soo long i can hardly believe that its finally over. goodbye to feeling and living like a sick person and hello to the freedom of good health that i knew once before!. Im so glad to have my life back! I’m soo grateful for people like you who have taken the time to post your experiences and knowledge. I dont know you, but i have read through your site many many times, and i couldnt have done it without you! thanks you from the bottom of my heart. 😉

That was so nice.  I replied:

Congratulations and thank you very much for your blog reply, comment, testimonial.

Letters like yours make this effort all worth it.

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