Do not follow my eczema cure story as your cure protocol!

To all the newbies looking for a cure for your eczema.  Yes, I promise you you will be cured.  But the first to be cured will be your mind.  You must have patience and read this website, and the logic of the cure protocols and the nature of human health.  When you know and understand, the cure is not if, but only a matter of time once you start making the detoxes and the changes in your diet and daily living.

My old cure story is kept there for posterity.  As a remembrance of what a bumbling, sickly, non-knowledgable person I once was.  I was ignorant but I always knew there was a cure of incurable diseases because not all of the human race could be so stupid.  I knew there was intelligent life out there, I knew that the doctors who said I was incurable were stupid.  Yes, I’m not afraid to use that word, stupid.  For all the years they were educated and continue to earn FAT incomes from their work they cannot CURE eczema or psoriasis?  Now that is stupid.

Back to my old cure story and how it is there to entertain all of us.  That old story was the total content of this website around May 2006.  Since then I’ve progressed to learn more, cure more people, cure people faster and faster and more consistently.  My knowledge about health has extended to go far beyong eczema and psoriasis and into other incurables like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, you name it, there is a cure for it.  And I’m not special, once my eyes opened, I met all the teachers and they taught me even more things.

This website today is consistently updated, always try to see the latest cure protocol.  But I never erase the older cure protocols, there are insights there too.

Today, I’m a raw foodist on a raw paleolithic diet — the original nature prescribed diet for humans, not just raw fruits and raw vegetables, but with raw animals too, such as raw fertilized organic eggs, raw ocean fishes, raw organic land animals, and my eczema has never recurred, and my health has been growing leaps and bounds because now I know, and keep learning more and more.

So please, forget about that python bile, you don’t need pythons to cure you.  What you do need is a change in lifestyle, in diet, in habits, in thinking, real powerful detox methods.  There is no magic, there is no mystery, this is solid, practical everyday science available to everyone.  Eczema is curable today and you are next.

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