September 2008 Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Protocol

Many months have passed, many new things learned, many new tools available.  All striving to be safe, cheap, effective, repeatable… all the trademarks of TRUE CURES.

This new cure protocol refers to text I have done in the Cure Manual.  No sense in repeating things.  The Cure Manual is supposed to cure every incurable disease.  There are just a few minor differences and special needs for eczematics and psoriatics.

Step I – Cure Your Mind

Eczema and Psoriasis is curable, the evidence is overwhelming, we the many who are cured are cheering you on.  Yes you are next, but it will require a big shift in your thinking.  Old paradigms will be torn down.  You are sick because the old existing paradigms have failed you.  What are these failed paradigms?

  • Western Medicine: the drug companies, the organized hospitals, allopathic medical doctors, yes those doctors in the nice suits and charging exorbitant sums of money and say your condition is incurable and the only thing they have for you are steroids, corticosteroids and whatever drug suppressing, health destroying drug where they make commissions.
  • Television and advertising: Television is a mind numbing, consumer brainwashing tool to sell you things you do not need.  You are sold personal care products that pollute you every day of your life.  You are sold household chemicals that pollute you every day of your life.  Turn it off.
  • The government food pyramid and your supermarket: The government food pyramid is absolutely wrong.  It is based on food industry lobbying and has no basis on the reality of human needs.  The supermarket sells what is profitable for them, not what is the most nutritious for you.
  • The paradigm of cooking: all forms of cooking, chefs, restaurants, appliances are detrimental to your health.  Only raw culinary school counts.  All the restaurants, fast food chains, commercial foods, junk foods are all a minefield of pollution and only bring unhealth.

For more information on mind cures, please visit:

Step II – Pollution Avoidance

Step III – A return to the original natural design: Raw Paleolithic Diet

Eat only: Raw organic / wild fruits. Raw organic / wild ocean fishes.  Raw organic / wild land animals.  Very few raw organic vegetables with the noted exception of all nightshades: tomatoes, potatoes, egg plants, bell peppers.

Step IV – Detox Protocols

Powerful, true detox protocols that will clean your internal organs which will continue to make you clean and healthy.

Step V – Anti-Microbial Guide

Some eczemas and psoriasis have a microbial angle.  These may be cleaned up by the safest and most powerful antimicrobials which just happen to be natural extracts as well.  There’s virgin coconut oil, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, and many more.

Step VI – Nurturing Guide to Health

Humans need tender loving care.  This is how it is done.

Step VII – Donating

Don’t forget to donate something to your teacher.  I have young kids to send to school.

Step VIII – Teach others

You must teach others.  I must stress that for you to be truly thankful is you at least teach someone, share this knowledge with a fellow sick human.  Never forget that you were once sick yourself.  He needs your help even without asking for it.  The next time you see an eczematic or a psoriatic man, approach him, tell him about this website and give him your name that you are an ex-eczematic, you are an ex-psoriatic, you are a living example of the cured.

This blog post is unfinished… stay tuned for more as I update this.


  1. C.A. Pillai says:

    Hello Sir,

    Myself is C.A.Pillai from India.

    Myself is a psloriatic patient for the last 35 yrs. Tried everything. but to no avil. Similarly my wife is patent of Eczema for the last more than one year. She also tried every known method of treatment. But to no avail.

    Will u pls let me know what we exactly should do to ged rid of these ugly diseases. I shall be grateful if u kindly help me.



  2. Hi,

    I am also suffering from eczema. I’ve been using Vasaline on my face (around, outside of, my lips only). And after reading one of your posts, I wonder if there is any moisturister or anything you think can help since if i don’t apply it, the area will be dry and dried skin appears.

    Edba from Singapore.

  3. bobcanberra says:


    Thank for creating this website, people like you deserve a good tap on the back.

    Keep the word of mouth going thank you and p.s. I remember you from the forums and I believe the liver flush helped you the most.

    There is always a cure, but much people are blinded by the corrupt **************

  4. Madeleine Sveitz says:

    I must say that i´m so happy for you, that you have find your way to great health :-)!
    My name is Madeleine i´m 22 years and live in Sweden. I´ve had eczema all my life and i think it is the most horribel disease ever!! Ive spent so much effort and energy trying to cure myself and nothing seems to help. Under my pregnancy last year it got much worse and i went to the hospital three times a week hoping for help. They put steroids in a thick layer all over my body and my beutiful belly and said to me it was perfectly safe and ofcourse i was stupid to belive them. Ive also got so infected on my legs so the doctors prescribed antibiotics for ten days because i could bearly walk. My son was born 8 december last year and is absolutly perfect thank good for that. But since my pregnancy my eczema is so much worse. I´m now following Donias advice and eating just fruit and vegetebals with green drink and probiotics. I´ve seen some improvement but still scaling all over my body. I tried the VCO detox this weekend and could only take it for two days! I was constipated instead of going to the toilet all the time and felt soo sick, i´m wondering why?

    Can you please help me with some tips and what i should do next?
    I´m seeing a homeopath next week also and have baught OxyFlush for colon cleansing but for how many days do you think?And how long should i wait before i do the next thing? I´ve also baught grape seed extract for parasite cleansing, do you know anything about that?

    Many questions but i really hope that you could help me. I want to feel normal and strong for my familys sake.

    Best regards


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