Oil of Oregano will fight secondary infections from eczema or psoriasis

When I used to suffer at the height of my eczema, my herbalist scouted for fresh herbs every day to cure my secondary infections.  I stress on the term secondary infections.  My eczema was primarily caused by dirty blood due to constipated internal organs and my skin was used as an outlet of toxins.  As a secondary effect of this outlet of toxins, good and bad bacteria were eating up the toxins expelled… this I call secondary infections.

Fortunately for all you new sufferers today, you can learn to use oil of oregano to replace all the various herbs to cure secondary infections.  I repeat, oil of oregano virtually replaces all of the other herbs.

The first thing you do is you buy the book: “The Cure is in the Cupboard” by Dr. Cass Ingram: How to Use Oregano for Better Health.  Here is the pertinent paragraph on Page 79 of the book on the topic of Eczema:

“Oil of wild oregano is an ideal topical remedy for eczema.  This is because it attacks the cause and also relieves symptoms.  Wild Oregano Oil contains a variety of anti-inflammatory compounds which reduce the swelling in eczenatous lesions, halt itching, and stop scaling.  The antiseptics in the oil effectively destroy microbes found within the lesions.  The pure extra virgin oilive oil soothes skin, an dthe olive oil iteself is an antifungal and antibacterial agent.  Yet its main value is for internal consumption, that is the destruction of the internal fungi which cause this condition.

Treatment protocol

Rub oil of oregano on all eczematous lesions twice daily.  Take a few drops of the oil under the tongue twice daily.  Also, mix a drop or two of the oil in juice, milk, or water and consume once or twice daily.  Take whole crude herb complex, three capsules twice daily.  If irritation occurs, discontinue topical use and take it internally.”

I must warn you though that if you choose to take oregano oil internally, your colon and your kidneys must be cleansed first.  If you have parasite die offs, they have to be ejected through your poop when they die or else they are just food for microbes and you can get worse.  See the cure protocols, colon cleanse first.

I encourage you to buy the book of Dr. Cass Ingram: “The Cure is in the Cupboard” – How to use Oregano for better health.

I buy my oregano oil from my teacher http://www.barefootherbalistmh.com . If you choose his oil, you must dilute his concentrated oregano oil in a 1 drop to 11 drops of extra virgin olive oil ratio to match Dr. Cass Ingram’s formulation.

No dosages are set in stone, you must self experiment and see what dose works for you.

Remember that oregano oil is a tool for secondary infections and internal parasites, bacteria and fungi.  Oregano oil will not give you the final cure.  The final cure is a combination of things.  See the eczema cure protocols.


  1. my skin irruptions began with Lyme disease and now I have candida.
    Does this secondary infection mean the bad bacteria from these two problems.


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