Is chicken bad for eczema and psoriasis? The answer may surprise you.

In the old news and opinions of this website I used to post that I avoided “chicken” since I found out through self experimentation that this was bad for me.  What I failed to qualify with what I meant was “chicken” was that I used to eat COOKED – condimented – chicken, FACTORY FARMED – 45 day – chicken.

Those chickens who grew up tightly spaced together, probably even debeaked, eating commercial unhealthy feeds, fed antibiotics and growth hormones!  Try taking care of a chicken in your back yard and see if it takes just 45 days to adult hood… it doesn’t!  What people currently refer to today as “chicken” is the chicken they buy at the supermarket, the 45 day factory farmed chicken… the freaks… the unnatural FREAKS are being sold and termed “normal” chicken or just “chicken.”

So your normal supermarket chicken is a FREAK, an unnatural “FOOD” that nature would never have made in the first place.  You think any good, any healing will come out of you eating this MEAT FREAK?  Of course not.  Now you know why “chicken” makes you sick… because the normal “chicken” you are used to buying and eating is a FREAK.

Then we used to COOK the FREAK.  Whatever good there was in the meat was cooked out of existence.  The tasteless flavor replaced with CONDIMENTS to make it palatable.  And the “normal” human today is conditioned to eat this cooked condimented chicken freak.

The television term “tastes like chicken” has no basis in the common human because he has never really tasted natural RAW chicken.  Meat tastes like whatever condiments and cooking style was applied to it.

Cooking is so gravely wrong it turns healthy raw meat into a cooked, hard to digest, tasteless, bland, dehydrated hard cooked meat that you need to follow on with water to even swallow the darn thing.

And when people eat cooked condimented freak chicken they mix it with pesticide ridden rice or wheat allergenic inflammation causing bread or nightshade inflammation causing potatoes and some cooked hard to digest vegetables… some kind of hard to digest unnatural combination of garbage forcing the human digestive tract all sorts of stresses.  And then we complain that we are allergic to chicken….

Grrr…. nowadays I found out I am not allergic to natural organic raw chicken.  That my son is not allergic to natural organic raw chicken.  My 5 year old son even eats cooked as soup organic chicken and he has no eczematic reaction.

So please.  Qualify your food.  Think beyond what you already know.  It is hard at first, but when your mind is free you will understand what I’m talking about.  And you will be cured as well…. forever.

Organic raw chicken breast is tasty and not dry.  I enjoy eating it from time to time.  I can tell you what tastes like chicken really tastes like.  And my 7 year old boy tells me, “Raw chicken tastes better than chicken soup!”

Perhaps you would like to watch an entertaining video to know more about factory farming?  See

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