My 21st liver flush: was I a victim of the drug Accutane?

I just concluded my 21st liver flush… I’m really losing count.  My last liver flush was maybe December 2007 and I remember having zero stones.  Those were my raw fruitarian days.  In November 2007 I did my first 14 day orange juice fast.  Today’s liver flush I excreted dozens more stones again in total.  I thought of doing this liver flush because I judged it to be a good time to liver flush.  I was rewarded by what seemed to be digging deep into my liver as these seemed like old stones… dark… not totally black, but I know they are not newly formed… they smell old.  Trust me, when you’ve been flushing as many times as I have, you know what smells old and deep.

Just last week I had my first acupuncture and the analysis showed my liver was hyperactive along with my gall bladder and my stomach.  With that diagnosis I knew it was time for another liver flush.  So here I am.

If some of you read my cure story I used to have cystic pimples in my teenage years.  My mother did the best she knew, western medical doctors… dermatologists (gross… my brother says life would be so much better if these quacks never existed).  I got injected with steroids so many times in my young 14, 15 year old face.  At 16 and 17 they decided my case was hopeless and the dermatologist offered an experimental drug called Ro-accutane.  It was so experimental at that time, my mother had to sign a waver with the doctor, a waver with the company Roche and we could only get the experimental drug from the company head office in Manila.  So I was the guinea pig and my mother and the dermatologist thought that was okay… I was 16… I didn’t know any better. This was way back in 1986

So after a few months of ro-accutane my cystic pimples subsided.  The possible side effects and the warnings of the experimental drug would haunt me for the rest of my college days because I remember the warning on pregnant women and women wanting to get pregnant.  I had always dreamt of being a father to at least 4 children and the use of ro-accutane haunted me in my dreams.  Upon graduation I had a sperm analysis for my peace of mind and the results showed normal sperm count: 100 million / ml.  At least I was confident I could be a father. Today I’m a happy doting father.

Little did I know that years later on in my mid 30s the damage to my liver due to the ro-accutane would result in the manifestation of eczema which almost consumed me, had I not gotten luckier the usual eczematic.

A lively discussion of Ro-Accutane victims and liver flushing is on at ; here are some excerpts…

I was on Accutane till December 2004, I started Accutane June 2002. It was the biggest mitake of my life. Anyway, I had been on Accutane for 2.5 years in total, whoich I think is a fairly long time, although it was on and off and was only ever on 20g a day max, other times it was every other day.


Don’t feel bad, I also took Accutane (two couses). I probably signed my own death warrant with that stuff. Man I wish I could go back in time. If I only knew then what I know now.

Anyway, can’t go back so all we can do is try and live as healthy of a life as possible. That inludes eating mostly raw foods and doing all these cleanses.


Hi Charles, thank you for your note, I’ve heard about the horrors of accutane and your note brought it home- when a doctor says ‘this drug can cure you forever’ it really means ‘this drug can stay in your system forever.’ no doubt you are removing it much faster than other people by doing the cleanses that you are doing.


wow, your post came at just the right time for me. I too was on accutane, I took two courses eight years apart, each course was 8 months I think.

I agree with the other posts, I wish I had never done it. I am not cured of acne and now suffer from general poor health from a weakend liver.

I have done 5 Liver Flushes so far. number 4 was the only one that got any stones out. I was going to post a question as to why I was having such a hard time, but maybe this is the reason???


Ok guys and gals, thanks for all your responces, I think we’re getting something here. Like lisag said before, but now we know specifically that it takes some time getting stones to come out after on Accutane.

I have actually got Chinese Bitters, GCG and Coptis which I recieved a few days ago, the other liver herb from Sensible Health was Curcuma, but due to money and decided to not get this as it sounded the most insignificant of the 4. If I’m underestimating Curcuma for my situation with Accutane please let me know. I’m hoping the 3 that I have ordered will help in getting the liver to release stones when flushing.

So, after what I have read, those who have been on Accutane probably have more stones, many more then the average, so just because none come out to begin with just shows we are probably more congested and crammed with stones more then anyone else.

The liver flush (to release stones) is probably the only answer to reversing the effects of damage to the liver from Accutane. We have to believe we can reverse the damage, after all the liver DOES have the ability to regenerate itself.

But it seems we need more then just flushing to help. It seems like for us past Accutane users out liver needs all the help it can get. I think the plan is:

1) Malic Acid supplements, dayly – soften, crush stones (from health shops)
2) GCG, Chinese Bitters, Coptis, Curcuma, all dayly – decongest liver, soften crush stones (from
3) Apple Juice dayly

Everyone knows about the above but I think those who on Accutane need ALL the above help, we can’t over help the liver can we… Hopefully if we do this ever day it will produce some wonderful flushes with wondeful results for our respectivve problems.

A coffee enema would help us to I would imagine, to release toxins from the liver, which would surely speed up the process of the whole liver cleansing/flush. I’m guessing doing this twice a week would be good, this is what I will do.

Anyone else experiecnes with Accutane and liver flushing, or anyone who can add hopeful advice, it would be grateful. I’m hoping we can all help each other out with this one. I believe we can reverse the damage caused by Accutane with the right preparation before flushing and the flushing itself.


I took accutane twice in my twenties five years apart for four months both times. The last time I took it was in 97. It did cure my cystic acne, and I had no side effects at the time except for dry skin, and my doc had me take 400iu vitamin E and that took care of the dry skin. Now, I have a lot of problems, and my acne came back in the form of rosacea, but I am not sure if they are from the accutane or the metabolife diet pills I took in my twenties. I have a mild case of chemical sensitivity, cannot handle any food additives , have to get my eight hours of sleep or I can’t function, and it seems I am always dehydrated. I eat very clean, around 80% raw, no caffeine, ect. I have done three Liver Flushes and all have been successful, but I have been on my clean diet for over a year, so that may have helped. I am getting ready to do my fourth here soon. I as well wish I would have never taken accutane. I wish I would have known about curezone before I had my first root canal at 21! Let’s just keep cleansing!

I consider myself lucky I had an easy time passing my first stones because I stumbled onto liver flushing using apple juice fasting first for 2 days.  This contained enough malic acid to soften liver stones to ready them for ejection.

Was I a victim of Accutane?  Oh yes, oh yes.

Am I cured of my eczema? Externally… absolutely.  I’m slim, I look young, healthy men age like fine wine, my face is clear and pimple free.  And all this due to turning my life towards the absolutely disease and cancer cure all regimen because I need to, I have to.  I steer clear of soap, shampoo, deodorant, flouride, water (I drink coconuts), alcohol, restaurant food, condiments, cooked food, I eat mostly raw fruits in season and raw animal foods both sea food and land animals… raw, baby, raw… raw paleolithic diet.

I could slide back to eating a cooked food diet and live a life like “normal” people… but I don’t want to go back to being sick, fat and ugly… life is sooo very good today… call me extreme… but at least I’m in the best of health I’ve ever been since I can remember. I’m cured and I stay cured.

If you have seen my website … I live that life… that’s me.


  1. dave zwetsloot says:

    I took accutane also when I was 16 back in 1986.I did not have any symptoms until three years ago.It started with very red and sensitive skin on my shoulders , arms and between my shoulder blades.and is painful to the touch.I was not eating very healthy and was drinking alcohol a few times a week.I started a strict diet a few months ago of fruits , vegetables , lots of water and white meat.I have done a few colonics and coffee enemas.It seems to be getting better but is hit in miss from day to day on the flare ups.I was wondering if anybody else has had these symptoms and what they are doing to relieve the pain.Thanks Dave

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