Fabric softeners are irritants, poisons, contribute to causing eczema and psoriasis

Yesterday I discovered a big miscommunication between MIL and her laundry woman. I discovered that her laundry woman had a big blue bottle of fabric softener. I asked her about this fabric softener, being also our own laundry woman I what this was for and she knew I abhorred this chemical. The laundry woman said the fabric softener was for MIL and specifically only for her towels.

Whooooaaaahhh!!!! What a fantastic misunderstanding. I texted MIL and told her about this. MIL replied that she never buys fabric softeners so it must be her maid who buys it during her grocery shopping where MIL just gives money. And the laundry woman has not yet been ordered to cease and desist from using fabric softeners. Absolutely monumental discovery and breakthrough in MIL’s eczema cure journey.

If you have read MIL’s previous entries, she has eczema sometimes on her arms and legs. And this fabric softener fiasco is a big piece of that puzzle. I can just imagine MIL after a good clean warm shower with her organic soap, she gets her what she thought is always a clean towel and dries with it. Not knowing that the towel is laced with fabric softener chemicals… every single day!!!

For those who still do not know how bad fabric softeners are, we found out the same year these poisons were introduced to the market. One of our maids many years ago broke out in her body trunk with itchy, red splotches. We went to a medical dermatologist at that time since I knew nothing about healing at that time and outright the dermatologist had a gleam in her eye and knew the symptoms pointed out to fabric softeners. The dermatologist said there was an epidemic of these cases just after the introduction of these fabric softeners. She merely told us to stop using these poison fabric softeners and just use laundry soap like we always used to… and that cured our maid.

What this means is that our maid correctly, immediately and violently rejected the chemicals of the fabric softener… those who don’t react or don’t show immediate signs of skin symptoms are most probably absorbing the poisons through their skin and detoxifying the chemicals in their livers. Fabric softeners are not just selectively poisonous or induce allergic reactions to certain people… fabric softeners are poisonous to everyone!

A few weeks ago, our current nannie who has an acne outbreak, I saw had a sachet of fabric softener. She was defensive that she didn’t use the fabric softener on any of our clothes but used it only on her clothes. I made her realize that could it be that her acne outbreak is caused by her use of fabric softener? That maybe she should try not to use fabric softener and see if her acne would go away?

Never buy fabric softeners. Never use them. Our laundry soap is organic coconut oil based laundry soap. And we dry our clothes out under the sun, not in machine driers that may have asbestos belts. The sun is a superior cleanser of clothes.

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