Recent Eczema Success on 11 month old twin sons

I was posting on the eczema forum on and elatedly stumbled upon an eczema success story which in my opinion is a true story… not meant to sell a product… a mother excited to tell her success story and hope this helps some other people in the future.

Well I will help her get the word out by copy and pasting her story here too:

I am the mother of 11-month-old twin sons, and one of them has had fairly severe eczema since around 4 months. We tried a million creams, antibiotics, etc., but I finally decided to do my own research and implement absolutely every piece of advice I found.

My son’s eczema FINALLY started to heal and fade away in the past week after we made the following major combination of changes (just in case this would be helpful to anyone out there):

1. We eliminated all fragrances and chemicals from our lives (no more dryer sheets, switched to organic diapers, bought new shampoos, lotions, deoderants, cleaning supplies, dish soap, etc.). We are only using products with a rating of 0 on ).

2. We are not letting him play on any carpet…he’s in rooms with wood floors only.

3. He takes Borage Oil in his morning bottle, gets a 1/2 teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil daily, and takes probiotics for babies in his evening bottle.

4. I used vaseline ONLY to moisturize and protect during the first few days of this routine, but now it’s to the point that he doesn’t need anything. It’s THAT clear, which hasn’t happened in months.

5. Bought two humidifiers (one for upstairs, one for downstairs).

6. Removed all clothing with any polyester or synthetic fabrics…that goes for the adults that touch him, too.

7. Removed all baby foods with citric acid in the ingredients.

Not sure if one of these steps was magical or if it’s the combination…don’t really care. All I know is my son slept through the night without itching last night for the first time in months, and his rashes are nearly gone. I am not naive enough to think that something couldn’t trigger a new outbreak…just enjoying some momentary success and trying to be optimistic about the future. Hope this helps somebody…

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