Why are some people born with eczema?

In the book Food is Your Best Medicine by Dr. Henry Bieler the good doctor rightously asks pointed questions: “If every mother’s greatest wish is to have a truly healthy baby, why (in most cases) does she take such poor care of herself before the baby is born? And why does she feed her child from infancy to adulthood so improperly that illness inevitably results?”

My answer to Dr. Bieler’s questions is that people have been dumbed down to be so gosh down ignorant television mindless zombies. But all is not lost. Internet technologies are allowing people to break out from the matrix of lies the massive greedy mind control industries have set up as confines of the mind.

After much thought, observation, and reading, I can give a satisfactory answer to why some babies are born with eczema. It is the same answer as to why some babies are born with cancer. Knowing the whys, the root cause, we now know how to tackle the issue of curing inborn eczemas. Just because a baby was born with eczema does not mean he will be suffering eczema for the rest of his life. Your child can outgrow eczema, this is how it can be done.

I was inspired by Dr. Patawaran being able to cure Baby Dylan who was born with aggressive cancer of the foot. His right food had grown to a big ball and all toes were eventually unrecognizable. Of course the ignorant western medical hospitals could only offer amputation. But the more knowledgeable aunts of Dylan had known a true healer in Dr. Patawaran.

Dr. Patawaran used Quantum Mineral Plus drops to rapidly detoxify Baby Dylan by ingestion and by direct application on his cyst. Argon treatment was also used. Also the correct diet of healthy breast milk and a clean environment. In less than a year baby Dylan was cured and he is a bouncing almost 2 year old boy.

I talked with baby Dylan’s parents personally. I searched for the root cause of baby Dylan’s cancer. I found out Baby Dylan is the 2nd child. His older brother, 4 years older, was born healthy and normal. I talked to the parents and asked what had happened to Dylan’s mother in between births. Did she work in a hazardous environment? The obvious and expected answer was she did! After baby Dylan’s older brother was born, his mom accepted work in an electronics assembly factory. Now we know where Baby Dylan got all those toxins that made him sick.

It is much the same thing with eczema or psoriasis or whatever you want to call the skin symptoms. The baby, the human is desperately trying to detox and will use every avenue, including his skin. Dr. Henry Bieler is of the opinion that mothers may be so toxic in the 20th century, the babies spend the first 3 years of their life detoxing the mistakes of the mother.

The next problem are the ignorant pediatricians. At the obvious first signs of obvious skin detox, what does the pediatrician prescribe? Detox suppressing drugs! Steroids! Cough suppressants, Cold suppressants, asthma suppressants. The child is fed non-human milk… milk substitute formula. The children are bathed daily with toxic harsh soaps, wiped with crude oil based oils, isopropyl alcohol, and other chemicals. And at just a mere six months they are introduced to factory foods from jars or mixes from the supermarket!

Such idiocy, such ignorance, such products of capitalist marketing, victims of television advertising. Parents, parents, parents… turn off your televisions now! Do not let your children watch or hear television. They need to develop into fully functioning human beings. You yourself may need a lot of heavy de-programming. It may be hard for you to even admit your addiction… but you will have to… the lives of your children depend on your clear thinking!

How to cure your baby’s eczema? Read this website, read the book Food is Your Best Medicine, read the book Healing Our Children, and consult with the best holistic doctor you can find in your area… but do not depend on just his sole advice, you are the parent… take responsibility… your analysis and decisions are the most important because they are your biological children.


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