Exciting! I got bitten by sand flies in beach and leads to all sorts of problems.

December 12 to 17 we were in far off Palawan province.  A far off land, an isolated island with unique flora and fona.  I ate strange raw creatures and got bitten with what generically are called sand flies.  I may have been infected by leishmaniasis, a kind of protozoa, then again, maybe not.  In 1994 I got bit by sand flies in Boracay island and I suffered for 2 whole years at the hands of ignorant dermatologists. The sand fly bites run their course, the itchy type, the surprise were the itchy welts that grew around my lower back, butt, and thighs and legs.  Maddening itch, detox signs, something wants out of the skin.

At first I tried zapping… some relief, then I tried drinking oregano oil, then I tried barefoot herbalist dewormer, I came up with a cold and some cough… the first time I ever did for the whole 2008!  Raw paleolithic diet cannot save you from everything, not sand fly bites and whatever pathogens it maybe has.  I even tried drinking drops of quantum minerals plus.

I think the welts are detox… from the dead parasites.  Courtesy of the dewormer and the zapping.  I think my liver can’t handle it.  I think the quantum minerals plus drops constipated me… yesterday afternoon I drank 1/2 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for colon cleansing.  Last night I was trying to dump hard big poop… painful but it was out and relief.

Last night the maddening itch came and I immediately sought relief from steam bathing.  That temporarily stops the itching… although an hour later when dry, the itches start againa and I’m scratching.  I see bubbles trying to surface, I pop them out.  They want out, I let them out.

Today I’m scheduled for a liver flush.  I went fruitarian today, no fat so no coconut meat.  At lunch I drank 1 liter of Harvey Fresh Apple Juice to move my liver, soften stones or clogged parasites.  At 6:30 pm I drank my 1 tablespoon epsom salt dose with 3/4 cup of water.  Stomach is rumbling.  Of course you know the next steps in my liver flush method.  Tonight at 10:30 pm I will be drinking 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil and 1/2 cup of lemon juice.  I’m thinking of spiking it with oregano oil to let it shoot through my liver.  I’m thinking about it.

All this while I’m trying to run my company, collect money, drive around, pay the employees and buy gifts for Christmas!  Ho ho ho!  Merry Christmas to me and to all you eczematics and psoriatics out there.

I find this experience exciting is it is a test of my healing skills as I’m the sick one this time.  My wife thinks it is a higad problem… those hairy caterpillars, so this evening I got rock salt and rubbed it all over my welts.  My wife was saying I should go see the anthroposophic doctor… I said no… not yet…  I know what I’m doing and I promise I will go consult any of our doctors when I come to a point where I get stumped… I’m not yet there.

I hypothesize that the welts are die off symptoms of the protozoa or parasites, or I may have eaten strange creatures in palawan like the mangrove tree worms tamiluk and the sea urchins, and the sea cucumbers… or probably even if the waters of palawan are the last frontier of clean ocean water, I may have eaten too much shrimp, crabs, clams… all potential allergens.  Leave no possibility unturned.  Dismiss nothing.  Suspect everything.

The colon cleanse resulted in my cold subsiding.  Let’s see what relief the liver flush comes up with.

Update 9pm: I drank my 2nd dose of epsom salts and I was looking for my extra virgin olive oil… it is missing… gone!  I think someone used it to make pesto.  All is not lost, it is time to improvise.  I will do Tsetsi’s liver flush, 4 straight days.  The first dose tonight with 2 egg yolks, 1 cup lemon / orange + 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil… why this combination?  This is what we have at the moment.  Wish me luck.  What liver flush am I talking about? http://www.curemanual.com/blog/2008/10/liver-flushing-using-egg-yolks-lime-juice-and-oil-by-tsetsi/

Update 3:30am: I woke up to poop.  No stones yet.  Just bits of plant matter.  Must be the brocolli I ate.  There were unidentified things… looked like lemon pulp?  Other debris… could be parasites. I have new welts at the right and left sides of my back… where I sweat… must be sweating toxins from the liver flush with the toxins still in my tummy.  I drank a 1/2 cup dose of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea colon cleanser so I expect it to kick in 5 to 8 hours.

Update 7am: I can see my welts beginning to decline.  This is just the 1st day of my egg yolks , juice and oil liver flush.  I expect to do this for 4 straight days.

Update 7:30am: I ate a breakfast of papaya and coconut juice.  We are dressing up to visit relatives visiting.


  1. bhel munoz says:

    what happened next after the 1st try? does it really works? did you continue it till the 4th day? pls i wanna know because i want to try it also..if it’s really effective…thank you. Hope to hear from you soon..

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